Friday, 29 January 2010

Whirlwind Social Life And More.....

We live a quiet life, in fact a very quiet life but just lately things
are getting busier. This week I have had three meals out, I have
enjoyed every one of them.  I worry about how my weigh in will be effected. 
Does anyone else hesitate to accept invitations to eat oufor fear of weigh gain? 
I have not refused invitations as yet, but as my deadline approaches I
am thinking maybe I should? But should I sacrifice socialising with family
friends in order to have more control over what I eat.  My will power does
disappear when I am enjoying goodcompany and good food. 
Any helpful hints will be gratefully received.

I must mention the fact I am tickled pink to have been quoted in the article
about  about the fabulou Sean Anderson in The Tulsa World: 
It feels wierd to seem my name in a newspaper so far 

I have had my work colleagues pushing for my ideas on a night out
for my birthday and then last night my curry night friends were asking
the same question. March is a very full calendar for social occasions.
Each weekend has something going on so I am very aware of the cost
of all these nights out. After looking at several different options it as been decided:
We Are Going To The Dogs!!

March 13th we are going to Belle Vue Dog Racing for a three course meal and
race night.....  I have been assured it is a good night out, never having done it before,
I am a little nervous to say the least, but all the girls are really looking forward to it.

Mood = Quite Weary (sleeplessness continues)
Food =  Dangerous     (sleeplessness continues)

Tonight I am grateful for:

The good news we recieved last night, my lovely mum-in-law got the all clear after all the tests.  She doesn't have to see the consultant again for two years.  Thanks be to God.

A husband who always gives of himself and expects nothing in return. Tomorrow he is installing free fire alarms with Cheshire Fire Brigade as a volunteer. I lurve fire

The coming weekend, I have my Two Jays coming for a scrapbooking weekend.

Have a Great Weekend!!!


Rettakat said...

When you talked about all the social events and eating out... I was thinking about Sean's journey. He ate out alot, especially at first. And he made it by eating whatever he wanted, but being careful about portions, along with the best choice that was available. Is it possible to apply that kind of approach to your upcoming events??

I hope you have a lovely birthday celebration.

Tammy said...'s gotta' be one of two ways sis. If you can't make healthy choices, you have to turn down the invitations. But I like the other choice better....look up the nutrition guide of where you're going BEFORE you get there...decide how many cals you want to spend, decide on your selection, and then when you get to the restaurant, do not even open the menu (you don't want to torture yourself with the pics of all the high-calorie foods). This actually works quite well, and the decision is already made. This way, you can just concentrate on enjoying the company you're with! Have a fabulous weekend! :)

266 said...

Just today I had to turn down an invitation from my mother because she wanted to go to a resteraunt that I know has a ton of sodium in their food! Ugh! Normally, I don't worry too much though... I just try to make better decisions when I am out.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. I think with eating out AVOID THE CHIPS. I would say to choose protein and veg and salad and don't have any starchy carbs at all - so no bread and no potatoes. Just leaving out that component of the meal really keeps the calories down yet allows you an enjoyable meal so you won't feel "left out". No desert - have a drink instead. Or fruit salad if available. Or just take literally one bite from your hubby's desert. Literally.

You can do it!

I really think you need to talk to the doc about the sleeplessness.

Amazing about you being mentioned and quoted in an American newspaper. Imagine that! Have you told any of your friends?

Have a lovely weekend,
Bearfriend xx

F. McButter Pants said...

I noticed your quote when I read the post. I bet that does seem weird.

Do not say no to going out because of food. I wouldn't worry so much about the deadline. Sounds to be that you are enjoying the journey,

Thanks for all your sweet comments....lurve ya too