Saturday, 9 January 2010

Saturday At Home Day 40/90

We didn't venture out of the Shoebox today, it is very cold and very icy out there so I was not keen to go walking at all.  So we stayed home and had a lovely day. We did some exercise, some decluttering and some reorganising.

We did some time doing the Wii Fitness Plus and it felt good to get back into some exercise and the good news is my back did not complain at all. So I hope to do an hour a day as well as get out walking when it is safe to do so. I so want to get back to the gym but I worry about my back, I am going to try to get there tomorrow or Monday and see how it goes. The decluttering and reorganising had me stretching, bending and lifting so I feel I have had a good work out of sorts today. I had the food processor out for a ceremonial breadcrumbing session and that started the reorganising stint.  The kitchen got pulled apart and a fair amount of "stuff" sorted. 

The birds were grateful for some of the breadcrumbs I put out, especially a cute little robin, who fed till he was busting. We have been quite concerned about the birds who usually viist our bird feeder. There has not been many about with this really cold weather.  They must have been staying home huddled together for warmth, but today a few ventured into the garden and feasted on the seeds, nuts, and fat balls and the ceremonial breadcrumbs....My husband is not a happy bunny, he loves bread and today is Day one of a month without bread.....  I am such a cruel wife but one has to be cruel to be kind, as they say.

I had a bit of a panic today, I am 10 weeks off the big birthday and I am nowhere near my target.  I have got 32 pounds to lose in 10 weeks, really I wanted to get to goal by March 1st but that is not going to happen.  I don't think I am going to make it.  So I decided to just do my best to get fitter and any weight loss is a bonus.

So Sixty by Sixty is highly unlikely. I am not putting pressure on myself, I want to enjoy this year and celebrate getting to my sixth decade with my mind still intact and my body resonalble fit..Well my Wii Fit age is 33!!!

So the next couple of months will be me enjoying getting to do things that are good for me and are not stressing me out. I'm not competing anymore, I am not racing anymore, I am just celebrating being me.

Mood = Great
Food = Fab


dawne said...

I often have to remind myself that it's not a fact, I think that will be tonight's post. Thanks for the reminder!

Accidental carer said...

Don't forget darling that you will be 60 for a whole year- did you say you would have lost it by your birthday or by the time you are 60?? Think about it and take the pressure off a bit. I have got to lose the same amount as you now so you have done really well getting to where you are. Think about that too.
Lets do the Race for Life this year and we can do the plan that goes with that too??
Is it at Aintree- get the dates and we can book it what do you think?? love you loads and you are a star in every wayxxxxxxxxxxxxx

spunkysuzi said...

Great plan of action!!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. The Bear and I went and fed the swans when the weather was really bad. They needed it.

I'm glad you're just going to enjoy being you! That's a great goal!

Bearfriend xx