Sunday, 31 January 2010

Great Weekend

I just love the weekends with my granddaughters.
We had so much fun and Jaz made my day when
my daughter texted me to find out what time they
would be going home.  I asked the girls what time
they wanted to go and Jaz said
" Quarter to six a week next Thursday"
She didn't realise it but she made my weekend with
those few words.

Food wise I was very good considering the girls were here.
Today I have been very good. Not done much on the exercise
front though apart weightlifting, craft supplies from the shed.
Standing and stretching all day whilst supervising scrapbooking
and crafting and clearing up after it all....

It is a new month tomorrow and I always feel that
February is such a neat month, just 28days, 4 neat weeks..
Now what can I  achieve in that space of time?
Step up the exercise for a start.
Change my eating habits, reducing the carbs, increasing protein.
Just  to see if it speeds up the weight loss.

I also hope to start doing more crafting and scrapbooking.
The weekends with the girls are the only times I do it and it is
such a waste. I really enjoy letting the creative me out but
don't make time for it. Though today I started to prepare
a journal to use as I enter me sixth decade. I have been trying to
think of a title but nothing is forcoming. Any idea's would be appreciated.

Today I am grateful for:

Wonderful, healthy, happy grandchildren.
Fabulous scrapbooking papers (paper stroking addict here)
Peace and tranquillity when the girls go home;o)

Mood = Content
Food =  Will Improve


Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Will you be posting the results of your handiwork? I'd love to see what you do.

Don't you mean entering your 7th decade? You've almost completed your 6th decade now!

I don't have any ideas for the journal title - I've never been any good at titles I'm afraid.

Hope you have a great week ahead,
Bearfriend xx

dawne said...

I so get the loving scrap booking paper thing!!! Every one is switching to digital scrapping, but I can't give up touching the papers!

Accidental carer said...

CONTINUING MY (GROWTH) or (JOURNEY) think you have done more awareness stuff in the last few years than ever before in your life. Am I right. You have had an eventful life but the journey goes on and with all the love that surrounds you it is going to be just fabulous. My love would fill a thousand pages of that journal so you best get a mighty big book!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Notes on Sixty? I dunno, am pants at titles, sorry! YGreat way to look at February, neat. Now you need to add 'creative' to your mix...go girl!

Tammy said...

So happy to hear you had a fun and loving weekend with your granddaughters. I know they are a huge blessing to you! The scrapbooking sounds like fun! :)

F. McButter Pants said...

I love spending time with my Gkids too. Isn't being a GMa the best!

You sound really up beat lately. So glad for you.

VRaz60 said...

Lucky you! Time spent with grandchildren is simply the best. I'm getting my grandkid fix this weekend!! I can hardly wait.