Monday, 4 January 2010

First Day Back at Work Day 35/90

Well it was back to work with a vengence today, the world and his wife wanted an appointment to see the doctor.  It is a wonder the phone lines didn't burn out!!!

We have had two big shocks in the practice over the past week, one of our partners announce he was retiring at the end of March, the end of an era. Today one of our salaried doctors announce she will be leaving at the same time. There are going to be many changes this year, including myself going part-time.
Stress levels will be on the move....

It is still bitterly cold here, so of course the mind and body is looking for comfort food.  Today I made a pledge to go the week without eating between meals, it is very difficultas there are many Christmas treats still around at work and a few here at home.  So far I am doing well, making sure my meals are filling and nutritious, porridge this morning and scotch broth with a wholemeal roll for lunch.  I am having a baked potoato for tea but not sure what what to put with it, probably beans. So it will have been a high fibre day.

I am feeling very positive about my eating at the moment, I just need to get the exercise going. I took delivery  of a new pedometer today.  So from tomorrow I will be measuring my steps again. There is a plan to climb Ben Nevis sometime in May with some very special friends. I need to get the all clear from my doctor before we make final plans. I don't want to be letting anyone down, especially myself.  I am going to ask for an xray and/or an MRI scan on my back.  I have really suffered over the holiday due to the two long distance trips we have done.  I am great when standing and walking, but if I sit for too long I am well and truly scuppered.

Day 35/90

I received some lovely bodycare gifts for Christmas, so today I am pampering my hands and feet.
I began a diary on New Years Day, I have never carried on beyond a week, but I am determined this time.
I have found a book to make into my Healthy Me Journal.
I have promised myself to do a small declutter every night.  Ten Items to go each night.

This is me Feeling Good..Oh it feels Great :o)

Mood = Positive
Food  = Very Healthy


dawne said...

The world and his wife...ha ha are funny! Glad you're feeling positive! I hope it warms up over there!

Fat[free]Me said...

I had a feeling it would be like that now surgery has reopened after such a long break.

I was also wondering how your back was doing after all that driving. Glad you will be getting it looked at properly, an MRI is the best way to find out what is going on.

Ben Nevis in May - we can always defer until Sept/Oct if you aren't up to it!

Well done on the high fibre diet - poor Ralph, lol!

VRaz60 said...

Sounds as tho' your new year is off to a pretty good start. Drs. leaving aside, you seem to be doing quite well. Good for you.

dawne said...

LOL over the comment you left on my post!!!! You crack me up!!!!

spunkysuzi said...

:) Guess who had to phone their Dr today?? Yep that was me!! But in my defense i didn't know they were closed all of last week! Honest :)
Really cold here too. I love to see that you're on top of things again :)

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Well this blog has been your journal over the past year, so maybe you will be more in practice now for writing your diary.

When you say small declutter do you mean your head or household items?!

Bearfriend xx