Sunday, 17 January 2010

Back To Basics

Back to Basics Part Two...

I have had a really good weekend, it could have been better,
but I have had a a lovely time with my darling husband.

We went to the flicks on Friday to see "It's Complicated".
Fab movie, we really enjoyed it, thouroughly recommend it for a good laugh.

Didn't sleep well on Fri/Saturday but went shopping on Saturday morning.
I bought some cool clothes;o) My husband said I must have them!!
Came back and got stuff ready for crop over on Anglesey.

Didn't sleep well gain last night and woke with a very sore throat.
Had to cancel seeing Trish and the girls at the crop,
really wasn't feeling well at all. Hence the weekend wasn't as great as it could have been.
Spent the morning curled up on sofa sipping tea and dozing on and off.

Went out for a short walk this afternoon, my first this year!!
We did  three and a half miles on the canal.
It was good to be out in the fresh air again.

So my Back to Basics Part Two was:

Listening to my body, resting and taking medication.
Eating fresh, non-processed delicious food.
Gentlely exercising, dispite feeling yucky.
Spending time, relaxing with my Soulmate.
Making a conscious decision to leave the internet for the weekend.

Looking forward to a fresh new week tomorrow.
Stepping up the exercise, eating great food and loving life.

Today I am grateful for

Love, I am So Loved it is a Miracle.
Laughter, it is such a tonic.
Simple Pleasure's, sipping tea, reading a magazine, walking in the sunshine.

Thank you again for lovely comments they really lift me.
Thank you for awards which I will post about tomorrow,
I am thrilled to bits.


Brenda said...

I didn't sleep well this weekend either, I am curious to see if it will have an effect on my progress this week. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Amy said...

It's always good to remember the basics and go back to them when we need to.
Congrats on the awards, and feel better soon!

dawne said...

Lovely things to be grateful for. I think when we live as grateful people, we are happier people. I loved that movie too. I thought the bed/lap top computer scene was a hoot!!! Sometimes I wanted her to get back her with ex and sometime with the new beau. I hope you get some sleep!!!!

Tammy said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling bad Sunday, but glad you had a nice weekend with your honey bunny. I love the things you are grateful for...especially the simple pleasures. :)

Accidental carer said...

Going to see It's complicated with Sam on Wednesday. Hope you are feeling much better but heh any excuse to cuddle up with your man!! love you xx