Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday Post

We went out for a driving lesson this morning, yes that's right a driving lesson.  I have never known such icy conditions and as Ralph has been home all week he has been driving me to work.  He is back at work tomorrow so I have got to drive myself and it scared the living daylight out of me.  So I asked him to give me a lesson on driving on ice.  He was brilliant, very quiet, very patient and very reassuring.  I drove to my workplace and the roads were pretty good considering. The car park at work was a different story altogether, a skid pad  extrordinaire. After a few practice skids, we parked up and went over to see the ducks in the hospital pond. The top two photo's are of the ducks when they saw us, they came rushing towards us thinking we had food, we didn't have any:o(  So we went to ASDA to pick up some bread to feed them.  The remaining four photos show the feeding frenzy that followed. The two loaves were gone in minutes, but it was fun feeding them...

As I said we nipped into ASDA for bread, but came out with a gorgeous cardigan and two sweaters for me and a gilet for Ralph all for £32 expensive bread  They were a bargain actually but the day I go into a supermarket and just buy what I am specifically going for I will put the flags out!!

We have had a great weekend, done alot of sorting and decluttering, anyone want a load of bubble bath? We don't have a bathtub and I have about ten bottles of bath soak, bubble bath etc.

We played on the Wii for a couple of hours this afternoon, that was a workout that was fun:o)
I have ordered the Biggest Loser for the Wii, it had some good reviews on Amazon so going to give it a try.

My BezzyMate Trish as suggested we do the Race For Life this year so I am going to say YES.
To answer her question in a comment on yesterdays post. I had hoped to lose the 60 pounds by my birthday, but as she pointed out I am going to be 60 for a year so I could still do 60 x 60.
I'm feeling good,  my back is behaving,  so I am looking to step up the exercise this week.

Mood = Great     Food = Fab


VRaz60 said...

Love the pictures!! I am the same way when going to the grocery. If I stuck to my list, I'd be so much better off, but I might miss something!!

Jaframity said...

The pictures are lovely - I bet the ducks were most appreciative with all this snow around. As for the bubble bath, if we have some I don't much like I use it as toilet cleaner rather than throwing it, or I guess it could be used for other jobs, like cleaning the car for example.

Friend of the Bear said...

A cardigan, 2 sweaters and a gilet for 32 pounds sounds quite good!

Bearfriend xx