Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Bad Day

I want to eat everything in sight!!!
Cannot believe how hungry I am!!!
Having a bad time with food and weight right now. 
Feeling very resentful and ready to throw in the towel.
Why me syndrome has come to call and I can't get it to leave.

I have picked up a bad habit via Blogland and even my husband
has expressed his concern.  I have started doing something I have
never done in all the years I have battled with my weight.
I have always weighed in once a week the same time,
the same place in the morning.

Recently, since Christmas I have weighed myself everyday.
I consider this a bad thing and it has got to stop.

My good intentions and aspirations have all dissolved and
right now I feel like giving up.  I know the cold weather has a lot to do
with the hunger pangs, comforting stodgy food is needed and I am so tempted.

I need help!!!!


266 said...

Just breathe, Sheilgh! You CAN do this. Seriously... you sound like you are starting to freak out. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and out, and then read the rest of this. I'll wait, okay?...

... Feel better? A little more centred? Okay.

You, my beautiful friend, have lost nearly 30 pounds. You have taken a huge number of inches off your body. You have inspired many others out here in blogland as you have continued on your journey.

Why are you beating yourself up?

So you want to eat everything in sight. So? First off, that won't be the end of the world and certainly not a failure when we all know you will be getting back at it as you always have in the past. Secondly, you can make some better choices here.

Figure out what things you are really craving. It wouldn't surprise me it there are just two or three things that you are specifically wanting that you are refuding to have because of the insane calories. Want eggnog drizzled with chocolate sauce? A super sized McDonald's meal? Of course they are not the best things in the world, but if you deny yourself what you are genuinely crazing you will likely end up eating more throughout the day than trying to fing replacements for what you really want than you would have if you had just gotten what was really on your mind.

Also, don't forget that if you do get a 'bad' food that you don't have to finish it. I was told a while back that the first couple of bites and the last couple of bites are the best ones and I think that's true. Maybe all you need to satisfy the craving is a few mouthfuls?

Don't forget, too, that eating slowly will give your body the time it needs to register as full. This can be a powerful tool when you are feeling like you do. Slow down and savour whatever you are putting in your mouth.

Sheilagh, you are so much more than this craving. Don't get lost in how you are feeling right now. Analyze it, come up with a plan, and work to make the day a success on whatever level you are able. I am here for you and I know that you can get throught this! Lots of hugs to you!!!

266 said...

Sorry about the lack of spell check... I wanted to message you quickly! :)

spunkysuzi said...

Oh boy that scale can really hurt us!!
Remember the scale does not judge you it only gives you information and the body can be so strange while trying to lose weight it gets terribly frustrating.
I actually put my scale away for the month of December and loved it. It was hard in the beginning but i found it so less stressful!! My day be it good or bad wasn't decided by what the scale said.
Maybe you need a break from it for a while and just focus on getting healthy, not so much just the weight??
"hugs" I know you'll get your mojo back!!

spunkysuzi said...

Just saw this video and thought you might like it.


F. McButter Pants said...

I guess we are both going through something crazy! I have been having the same problem.

After my "offical" WI tomorrow it's going in the trunk!

things will cycle back around...it will!

dawne said...

You'll get back on track...it's the crazy weather you UK'ers have been experiencing. You're not used to the "hibernation hunger"! There's no way you're throwing in the towel after losing so much weight. Use that energy that's making you want to eat in another way...nudge, nudge, wink, wink...you know...the hot husband who's really good in the sack! :)

Tina xx said...

I have been exactly the same Sheilagh. I think a lot of us have so dont beat yourself up about it !!
Take the advice from those above, and I will too. Together we will beat this episode that we are going through, and dont forget .... tomorrow is a new day x

Fat[free]Me said...

(((hugs))), so sorry you are having a difficult time. Sometimes when I get really hungry like that, I allow myself a couple of hundred extra calories for that day as it is often a sign that my body needs something (and a couple of hundred extra for one day won't do any harm).

Yeah, I think the daily weighing is a worrying thing, get Ralph to hide them until next Weds!

VRaz60 said...

You are NOT what it says on the scales!!! It is but one component of our journey to better overall health. Don't let a blip on the scales deter you from your ultimate goal.... a happier, healthier you. You've already lost 30 pounds, so you are most assuredly on the right track. Put the scales away for a bit and just concentrate on YOU and what makes you happier and healthier. You can do this, you know you can.

I am so very sorry that you're feeling out of sorts. Hopefully a bit of warmer, sunnier weather will perk you up a bit. Winter doldrums are rough, I know.

Tammy said...

We all have those crazy hungry days. Do what Kari said and allow yourself 200 extra calories. Make some comfort food, enjoy it knowing you have 200 extra calories to use today, and tomorrow will be a whole new day! Not every day will be perfect girlie...that's okay....but hanging it all up is not the answer!! Try to relax a bit, be good to yourself. I hope to read that things are much better tomorrow! :)

Accidental carer said...

Did you know you CAN eat all day as long as it is good stuff. Fill your bag with all the lovely fruit that you have at breakfast;a couple of your sin bars; no cal soup; carrot crudites and cottage cheese; and of course lots of water. You can do it you CAN do it you CAN. You are busy supporting everyone else don't forget to keep the focus on you too. Have one naughty per day and eat it very slowly and I also agree that if you are too tempted take Ralph to bed and take your mind off food!!! You lucky girl!! See you Sunday as long as the weather man is kind love you ---- you CAN do it xxxxxxxx