Saturday, 23 January 2010

Delicious Award

Thank You Tammy for this Delicious Calorie Free Award.
It looks delicious doesn't it?
I am delighted to have receive this award.
 I have been admiring it on other blogs over the past weeks.
Now I have one of my own thanks to the

I believe I have to tell of ten things that make me happy so here goes:

My Darling Husband
 who came into my life at a time of darkness and showed me how to enjoy life again.

My Family
My children and grandchildren, they make me laugh they make me cry, they make me happy.

My Friends
Life would be so empty without friends, both in real time life and in Blogland.

My Home
It may be small, but the Shoebox is my haven of peace and love.

My Dog
Titch is a little bundle of fun and gives me unconditional love.

My Job
I enjoy the contact and banter with patients of all ages, sizes, creeds and colour.

Random Happiness's

The sound of a babies laughter, one of the best sounds in the world.
Daffodil's breaking through the soil, a sign of hope and renewal.
Teddy Bears, I have a collection of over twenty.


Me, yes me, I am finally accepting the woman I am.
I am learning to love me and be happy with who I am.

Now to pass the award on to ten wonderful bloggers:

Today I am Grateful for:

A warm safe home
Freedom of speech and thought
Happy, healthy grandchildren.

Mood = Mellow
Food = Mellow

Happy Weekend  :o)


266 said...

Ah... thanks, Sheilagh! Congrats on your award; I especially love your last happy item!

Accidental carer said...

Thanks darlin I won't do a Kate Winslett speech but you know how good it is to know YOU are there for me . I too am grateful for YOU and have been for 27 years!!! OMG xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Mmmm. Those cakes do look delicious!

Have a great weekend!

Bearfriend xx

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog on another blogroll: love the look, and wish you well! 60's not that far off for me, either! :)

Sean Anderson said...


Thank you so much! The reporter writing that story was so impressed with you, he sent me an excerpt. I can't thank you enough.

I love reading your list. Many things to be happy about---Your enthusiasm for life is contagious. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to me and so many others!

My best always

Accidental carer said...

This technophobe needs instructions on how to put this award on my blog page please- now that I have got the award darling I want to flaunt it xx

Tina xx said...

Awwwwww Sheilagh. Thank you so much for my award. Im deeply honoured :O) !! I will get around to passing it along this afternoon. Thank you once again x

By the way, your list of things to be happy about is brilliant. Especially the last one. So glad your learning to be happy with yourself. Thats one thing Im yet to conquer, but Im getting there. Well done hunnie x x

dawne said...

Hi Gorgeous,
My copy of The Message is The New Testament in Contemporary English. I would like to buy the entire bible, with numbers...mine has no number references, which is a pain sometimes.

Did you get your Woman of Moderation yet? If so, what do you think so far? I continually go back to, learning more each time.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Sheilagh how kind of you to share with me, it's a very great honour - I could brag up a whole blog post over this!