Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tuesday's Pleasure and Pain

This is my second attempt to post tonight, there seeem to be gremlins about...

Had a very busy day today, work was work, was work...

My workmate Pat and I took a walk over to the newly refurbished library here in Runcorn.  It is very different  from the original.  Very modern, cold and bland, I hope they put some pictures on the walls to brighten up the greyness of it all. The new cafe there was a delight though, we had lunch there, Pat had a scone with butter and jam and a latte.  I had a delicious beef and tomato sandwich on wholemeal bread, with a  fabulous latte.

I went to the gym tonight and did my first 60 minute plus session!!!  WooHoooooo...

Rowed 1500 metres in    5:56 minutes
Cross Trainer               15 minutes
Resistance Machines    15 minutes  (6 x 16 rep x 2)
Treadmill                     30 minutes

Two young women (thirties) asked me how I coped with the Cross Trainer, as they couldn't?
They said I looked very comfortable on it!!!
I said I hated it with a Passion but won't let it beat me.
I told them I had  been a member for three weeks tonight, they looked surprised...

I think they were impressed...LOL

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Tammy said...

Well I know I sure am impressed! You're putting me to shame woman!! lol

Glad you're getting in so much exercise...you're inspiring me to push harder. I'm only doing a 45 min/3 mile walk right now...such a weenie compared to someone as AWESOME as you! :)