Tuesday, 29 September 2009

No Belly Dancing Tonight:(

I have been so excited about going Bellydancing tonight, but I have been disappointed, it isn't on tonight.
Knickers!!!!  So I have to wait two weeks now to get going with it. Not happy....

My daughter came round with my youngest grand daughter and cheered me up.
Last week I gave the Rainbow's a big box of papercrafting stuff.  Tonight they  all made me a
Thank You card and Emily insisted on bringing them round to me straight away.  I was so touched, the thought of 12 littlle girls making cards just for me, it  brought a tear to my eye.

I must say I laughed after reading the comments about my lists in yesterdays post.
Funny how we all pick up on SEX.

I meant what I said, I am having the best ever and at my time of life I think it is AMAZING.

My previous marriage was sexless for the last fifteen years so therefore I thought that was it, the physical side of a relationshipgone for good. Oh Boy am I glad I was wrong.

I am now with a man who is the most giving and loving, sensual and passionate and sexy I have ever know.
We have fun, we do a lot of laughing in bed, it is a great Aphrodisiac. In fact I think Laughter is so important in a relationship, if you are easy with each other and can laugh together, the loving comes so easily.

We enjoy each other emotionally, physically and sexually, we both know how very lucky we are
and thank  God everyday for the JOY we share.

By the way, when I asked for ideas for celebrating our First Anniversary, I was thinking FOOD not somewhere to have adventurous sex....Made me think though;0)


VRaz60 said...

Well, a nice, romantic meal by the water would be nice, too, I suppose. :)

Fat[free]Me said...

Aw shame about the bellydancing, you will get there soon!

You know we all love to read about sex rather than dieting, lol - hope you take up some of the suggestions anyway - you could always have the meal after!