Monday, 28 September 2009

Scrap Happy Lassie:)

Well what can I say, I started to catch up on comments and checking out my favourite places and found I received TWO Honest Scrap Awards.  I am amazed, when I read the brilliant blogs out there I am humbled to find I have received an award, never mind TWO.

Thank you to VRaz60 and Tammy I am speechless...

I see that you have to tell 10 things about yourself if you receive this award, does that get multiplied by the number you receive?  So do I have to tell  20?  Erm...well..lets see what I can tell you that is not boring or shocking:)

1. I love Altered Art.
2. My favourite colour is Blue.
3. I met my husband via the internet.
4. I love teddy bears and have more than a couple...
5. I start Belly Dancing class TOMORROW..YIPPPPEEEEE!!!
6. I adore Jack Vettriano's Painitings.
7. I am shy.
8. My favourite football team is Everton.
9. I collect Notebooks.
10. I hate Racism and Discrimination.

11. I cannot sing but I like to sing.
12. I was going to be a nun.
13. I rarely watch televison.
14. I  am having the best sex I have ever known.
15. You move me.
16. I love candles.
17. I suffer from procrastination and would love to find a cure.
18. I adore my grandchildren.
19. I am so boring.
20. I love papercrafts.

I am sure this must be the most boring list ever and I am sure if I was given a week or so to think, my list would be different but Hey-Ho this is me today..

I am still recovering from tha journey home yesterday and my back is wrecked.  I am back on track with my food though amd I am really pleased about that. I enjoyed a treat or two packed with everything one shouldn't when trying to lose weight. I suffered for it, I have been so uncomfortable and bloated I so want to get back into healthy eating.  Soup has been my saviour today with some delicious multi grain bread.

We are away to Cornwall at the weekend and I am looking for some simple but healthily delicous recipes so Ralph doesn't feel he is being denied because of my journey. I have promised myself three treats while we are down there.

1 A Cornish Cream Tea.
                                                          2. Cornish Fish and Chips.
                                                                                                                      3. A Cornish Pasty

So if I eat healthily the rest of the time and we do all the walking we plan to, hopefully I will stay the same.
I am sooooooo looking forward to this holiday.

We will be celebrating our FIRST wedding anniversary on the Tuesday, so will have to have something special then. Any idea's?


dawne said...

Your list wasn't boring at all, especially when you got the sex part!!! You'll have to share your secrets at some point.

With all the walking, you'll definitely be able to fit in those yummy must have treats. I love the mushy peas with the fish n-chips. I'd be wanting the filled yorkshire puddings...amazing.

First anniversary, a show in London, east end? Why not have some of that sex in a naughty place? :)

Fat[free]Me said...

Well No.12 I didn't know, lol! I cannot believe it is a year - no way. I think the above suggestion about sex in a naughty place is a good idea - how about somewhere at the Eden Project - heh-heh!

VRaz60 said...

I love mushy peas!! I even brought a can or two home with me on our last visit. I don't particularly like using canned veggies, but with mushy peas I made an exception. :)

I am confident you'll be able to figure out a suitable celebration for your anniversary!! A very happy Anniversary to you and your lucky hubby, Ralph. Have a wonderful time.

Tina xx said...

Hope you have a lovely time in Cornwall. I havent been there in years, but would love to go again... maybe next year :O)
As for your list, I think its great !! Yes you have to spill the beans on the best sex I look forward to reading that in your next blog maybe ;O) x

Accidental carer said...

Now I am sure you don't really need advice but the Eden Project came to my mind as well. Enjoy Cornwall I am so envious. Oh and hope your belly survives tonight xxx