Sunday, 20 September 2009

Half Way There

Six months today I will be SIXTY.
I started this journey six months ago.
After a slow start I seem to be picking up speed.
Everything seems to have clicked, the food, the exercise
more importantly the attitude.

So far I have lost 22.4 lb's, no hang on it is 23.4
because I weighed and measured today because I am half way.
Scales say I have lost one pound since Wednesday,
my offical weigh in day.
So 23.4 lost leaves 36.6 to lose in six months.            

I also measured today and have lost a total on 19 inches.  

I have learnt a lot about myself on this journey with the help and advice  and amazing inspiration of some fabulous people.  People I will probabley never meet in person and that is weird. I am so grateful to have "met you".

 If I ever win the lottery i am going to organise a big get together with all of you.  THANK YOU ALL


Fat[free]Me said...

You are doing so well - only 3 months left, eh? Where has this year gone??

You look fabulous in that photo - love the top!

Beth said...

Congratulations! Your picture really shows the amazing progress. As you may recall, you have been my inspiration to reach "something" by my 60th birthday, which is just over a year away. With luck and hard work, that "something" should be my GOAL, whatever that turns out to be. Keep on keeping on.

Accidental carer said...

Your determination is fantastic and empowering for you. Can tell you are loving it and I know what the secret ingredient is!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*fitcetera* said...

Hi Sheilagh!
You look fantastic and congratulations on the halfway marker.

I love the top as well. It looks great on you and I love the colour.


Tina xx said...

Wow you are doing so well. Fantastic. Be proud of your achievements in the last 6 months and good luck for the rest of your journey.
Im looking forward to the mass get together... hurry up and win that lottery :O)) x

Irene said...

You are AWESOME!!! Good jpb, half way there, you will be there before you know it!! 19 inches, AMAZING you are doing fantastic!! Hold your head up high lady!!