Saturday, 5 September 2009

Just A Short Note.

Just want to say thank you for all the lovely comments after my misery post yesterday.

I am feeling much better today thank you. Talked at length with my darling last night and he has given me his blessing to leave the job if I still feel the same way next week. I would go without hesitatation if my pension payments were not decided on my final two years salary.  I would lose a quarter of it if I left now..

I spent best part of the day today with my wonderful best friend Trish, we were at a fundraiser for the charity she works for. Cruse Bereavement. We were demonstrating cardmaking and I was asked to make three cards there and then:
A 40th Birthday, Good Luck and and 18th Birthday. I have never made cards to order in such a short time before. But they turned out ok.

There was a "Bandala" Band doing a couple of stints and they were brilliant.  There is something about the drum, the rhythym and the beat that touches something primitive deep inside me and makes me very emotional.  I think I blogged about this before when we saw a school band playing the same type of music.  This band was ALL WOMEN and they were fabulous.  I got talking to a couple of them, I was hoping they had a CD but they didn't. They did tell me about it all though.  I recorded them on my camera and if I can work out how to put a movie on here I will tell about it them. 

Just want to say, I think I have found something else I want to do befor I am Sixty!!!


Accidental carer said...

Problem shared is definitely a problem halved or sometimes even reduced to nothing - thanks darling - how can I moan when you went through a confrontation which was unacceptable- don't forget the army boots on Monday love you loads and more ...............

*fitcetera* said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today Sheilagh.
I hope the best scenario comes to fruition ... I'd hate to see you lose money over this confrontation.

Accidental carer said...

And don't forget at the end of the day YOU ARE RIGHT !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fat[free]Me said...

Glad you had a great day yesterday and that it took your mind off what happened on Friday.

The all-girl drummers sound great - we have a group up here (Elles Belles) and they are fabulous. It is very exciting to listen to and gets my pulse racing.

Hope you get to have a go - it would make a great goal!

carla said...

delurking to say how FREAKING INSPIRING YOU are.



Amy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, and I love the progress pictures! You look fabulous!!