Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fabulous Food Day

Food wise I have had some delicous meals.
All  of them curtesy of my super husband.
He prepared breakfast and cooked  tea.
He bought me lunch too:)

The support I am getting from him is just
Fantastic.  He told me today he was very
impressed with how I am doing, both eating
and exercise wise.

So guess who is a Very Happy Bunny?

I had my fourth appointment at the gym this morning.
It was a new to me trainer, but I have seen her around the gym.
Her client's seem to do a lot of laughing.

She went through my programme with me, asking my
likes and dislikes in what I have been doing in the gym.
I told her I loved the rowing but hated the crosstrainer.
She said to leave the crosstrainer and not do anything I didn't enjoy.
She had me adding more weight to the resistance machines.
Boy it was hard work, but enjoyable.  She also taught me how to
breathe properly. Sounds daft but I hold my breath during
exercise and it is exhausting. So now I know how to breathe
and have divorced the crosstrainer.

So Guess who is a Very Happy Bunny?


*fitcetera* said...

my guess is that Sheilagh is a Very Happy Bunny! :D

i think Super Husband may be a Very Happy Bunny as well ...

and we know ALL about Bunnies ...

Fat[free]Me said...

LOL, I hate the rowing and love the crosstrainer! I am not surprised your hubby is proud of you - you are doing brilliantly!

VRaz60 said...

What a guy!!! A wonderful support system is a lovely thing, indeed. You are so am I.

If I remember correctly bunnies, when happy, multiply like crazy!!!! Just a thought.

Beth said...

I love watching your progress!

Tammy said...

Can I trade you Dwayne for your Superman? lol

Accidental carer said...

Hey except when we are together it is rare for us to both be happy bunnies at the same time!!
Must be someat in the air. Anyway I want some advice on Sunday about healthy eating and exercise- can you start posting online some of Ralphs delicious concoctions?? (spelling??)I seem to have mislaid my tastebuds and thats not good.
Keep going this time you are winning in every way love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tina xx said...

Oooooh your hubby sounds wonderful. Lucky you , and well done you with the gym. I really must do it, but never do...ggrrr !! I need a kick up the bum !!
Two happy bunnies then....say no more ;O) xx