Friday, 11 September 2009

It's Friday Again!!!

The time is flying at supersonic speed at the moment, quite scarey..

Thank you Tina, Tammy, Trish and K, for your comments on my last post, you all brought me to tears.

I know Trish loves me, we have been there for each other for a long long time.  But it's great to hear her shouting it on here:0)
K,what can I say, you are the inspiring one!! Stop making me cry!!!
Tammy, I feel a connection with you across the miles, where we understand more about each other than just the weight struggle. Thank you.
Tina, I am glad I have got you thinking about putting you first, don't leave it too long.

I went  for my third appt at the gym last night, got Ste again, he worked me hard and this morning I am feeling it..  I never thought I would say I enjoy going to the gym, but I am.

This weekend is Ralph's short weekend, so we are having a relaxing fun weekend.  The weather forcast looks good.  So we are hoping to do some walking, either in the Lake District or North Wales.  I want to take him to the Peak District  but I think I need to get fitter for that, maybe Easter next year.

There is a Big Meeting of the partners in work today, hopefully they will sort out their difference's and life will improve for all of us.

Healthy eating is on track, excercise it Great......Did I really say that?


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Yes, you really did say that! Congratulations on both fronts.

I hope you enjoy this weekend. We have no plans, which I kinda like!

VRaz60 said...

Way to go! A walk in the country? What a wonderful thing. Enjoy your weekend.

Accidental carer said...

Doesn't matter where you are as long as you are together love you xx

Tammy said...

I just told Sean the other day I might have to start calling him Superman....with the way your eating and exercising are going, looks like I may have to start calling you Wonderwoman. :)

Sheilagh (60 x60) said...

TammyThank you for your lovely comment. I am not in the same league as Sean, he is so inspirational. I am just an ordinary woman, fianlly getting all the pieces in place before it's too late. But thank you so much for the compliment.