Saturday, 12 September 2009

Superb Saturday

I have had a brilliant day today.
We went to Martin Mere at Burscough in Lancashire.  I
t is a Wetlands and Wildfowl Sanctuary and it was fab.
It was a lovely warm sunny day and everything about it was right.
I took some photo's but feel they are somewhat inferior
after seeing the one's my darling husband has taken. 
He is a great photographer.
Here are just a few of my humble offerings....
We did a lot of walking and talking, saw some beautiful birds.
Met a very nice woman with a camera and lens to die for. 
She was telling us she is doing a University degree course in Photography.
I would like to do a photography course at some point but don't think could study it full time for three years.
Eating was almost good today, I am over my calories by approximately 20 but that is not bad for the weekend.
I am quietly relaxed after a brilliant day with my Soulmate.
I hope tomorrow is just as good.


F. McButter Pants said...

Glad your day was wonderful! Your eating seems right on track.

loved the pics

Tammy said...

What gorgeous pics! And don't you just love those perfect, perfect days with the one you love? Something to be cherished, for sure. I'm glad that you take your time, relax, soak up life and enjoy each other so much. :)

Tina xx said...

Hey your piccys are lovely. The one with all the little ducks in a line is sooooo cute. Im really glad you had a good day. Sometimes these chilled out days are so much better than big wild events....enjoy !! :O))) x

Accidental carer said...

Believe it -these photos are fabulous. The memories that go alongside them are the best part. Glad you had a wonderful day. Roll on Sunday - have been sorting my bags out again!! always too much stuff?? Life is good for you right now- you both deserve it. Isn't walking and talking together just fantastic? love you xx

*fitcetera* said...

What a wonderful day with lovely pictures to show for it, Sheilagh.