Sunday, 28 June 2009

As I Thought....

No weight loss this week, not too disappointed as I had a feeling there wouldn't be. I may be tempted to step on the scales again on Tuesday as it will be a week since weigh in after being away. Not sure wether or not to change weighing day to Wednesday like K. Will think about it.

I have done measurement's today and seeing small changes which is encouraging:

Bust: 48 ( stayed the same )
Waist: 43 ( 2 inches lost!! )
Hips: 46 ( 1 inch lost!! )
Tum: 50 ( 1.6 inches lost!! )
Midriff: 41 ( 1 inch lost!! )

That is a loss of 5.6 inches... I am very pleased with that thank you very much!!!!

I am also delighted that my blood sugar today measured 6.7 the lowest it had been in a long time.
BP was 123/69 pulse 68.

So I am delighted all measurements and readings are going the right way...DOWN


Sean Anderson said...

Those numbers ROCK! And the inches??? Fabulous my friend, just fabulous! I'm so proud of you and so happy. You're really doing this, really!!

My best always

SheSassySlimSexy@Sixty said...

Thanks Sean,

I really appreciate your words of encouragement.