Sunday, 14 June 2009

Two Pounds Gone Never to Return

I lost two pounds this week and it feels good!!
I still have a positive outlook, hope it lasts.

Made gallons of healthy soup today, so my lunches are sorted for the next two weeks.
One of the doctor's I work for lent me a book, The F2 diet, it looks very healthy and wholesome.
It's by Audrey Ayton of the F Plan Diet.

I copied a couple of the soup recipes to give them a try.

Have been for walk today, my new trainers behaved themselves very nicely:)


Fat[free]Me said...

Oh, wow! 2lbs - you are doing so well now!

The soup idea is a good one - saving time on lunch prep is always a wise choice.

Not heard of that book, but I remember doing the F-plan years ago and getting on extremely well with it and it influences my dieting to this day.

Glad the new trainers are doing well too!

Sean Anderson said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my blog! You are making the changes that will add many many years to your wonderful life. Could the absolute best years be ahead? I think so!!!!
Congratulations on your wonderful efforts and your blog! It looks really good!

I'll be reading your stuff!

New shoes are awesome huh? I love mine!

Sean Anderson
The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser