Monday, 22 June 2009

Back Home....

Well that was the weekend that was!!!
And a fabulous weekend it was too.
Wonderful company, fabulous food, wonderful walks.

I did a daft thing on Friday morning and stepped on the scales at mums, they weigh less than mine at home. I then got weighed this morning on her scales again and it showed a loss of FIVE pounds in three days!! I tried not to get excited but did..

I am now home but not getting weighed until the morning, I am so hoping for a decent weight loss, I hope I haven't set myself up for a disappointment.

I did a fair amount of walking, two miles on Saturday with the lovely K, then a two hour walk on Sunday along the beach and forest at Tenismuir . My back was so well behaved I was amazed.
Then I did a short walk around Dollar last night with my husband and Titch.

Food wise, 95% of the time I was so good I could feel wings sprouting.
Again my dear friend K was my guru for the weekend. She prepared the most delicious salads. I enjoyed fresh tuna for the first time ever. She also gave me lots of tips on healthy food and low calorie snacks. She also introduced me to Aero Orange chocolate drink, scrummy.....

Food at mums was wonderful too, the only downside if you can call it that was visiting Ralph's aunties, as the always bring out the biscuit box with your cup of tea;(. One cannot keep refusing, so I did have biscuits in three different houses!!

I am not going to let my quest for weight loss make me anti social, so I will go along with Scottish hospitality and enjoy the wonderful company , laughter and biscuits...

That is all for now, will report in early tomorrow re: any weightloss...

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Fat[free]Me said...

The biscuit tin (or scone or cake) often rears its ugly head in the Scottish household - it is traditional to feed your guests - you did well just to escape with only a couple of bikkies, lol!