Saturday, 27 June 2009

Saturday Night

I had a pretty good dy after a shaky start. I have been pretty emotional yesterday and today.One of my daughters is not friends with me at this time and it has a devastating effect on me at certain times, birthdays and holidays. Today her eldest son was sixteen and yesterday was his school prom and I wasn't able to see him. It breaks my heart. I pray every day for an end to this heartbreak. My darling husband tries to comfort me at such times but feels totally helpless.

Health and fitness wise I think I am doing OK, not as great as the beginning of the week but eating good stuff. I had a day off from exercise yesterday, but have done a good deal of walking.

I helped out at my granddaughter's Summer Fair yesterday and think I put weight on by osmosis. Standing by all those cakes made me feel 10 pounds heavier:) I had ONE.

I weigh in tomorrow, it will be just five days from my last one, due to my weekend away. So I am a little nervous of the result. But as Doris Day sang "Que Sera"...

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