Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday Morning

I am having a great week food wise, really enjoying some delicious salads.

Just put on a new pair of trainers which are so light I don't feel I have them on!!
Going to wear them around the house for a few days to "break them it" why do we say
Then on Monday I start my power walking regime. Have tried to persuade a friend to join me but she ain't having any of it, so I am on my own with my little pedometer and my Titch.

Not done anything on the nordic walker this week and my back is feeling better, I think maybe I was expecting too much too soon. So will try little and often and see how that goes.

I bought a set of exercise dvd's from Amazon which are brokendown into 10 minute slots so will be starting them on Sunday. There are four of them:

FatBlasting Dance Mix
Blast Off Belly Fat
Target Toning
Kickbox Bootcamp

So if I start doing 10 minutes a day and build up I should see some small changes within six weeks.

So here and now I am in a very positive frame of mind....LONG May it Last :)

I have spend a few£££££'s in the hope of losing Loads of lb's

It is going to pay off
It is going to pay off
It is going to pay off
It is going to pay off
It is going to pay off
IT IS!!!!


Fat[free]Me said...

Oooh, new trainers - they will help, I can't believe how long I left it to get mine (stoopid me!).

I am so glad your back is on the mend, sounds like it couldn't cope with the sudden increase, so the new gentle(?) 10 min regime might be just the ticket. Mind you, bet you will think those DVDs are anything but gentle when you do them, lol! The power walking sounds cool - am thinking of adopting one of next door's dogs as a running companion, will have to chat with the owners this weekend.

Seriously, I think it is sensible to spend a wee bit of money for our general health and fitness - you can't take it with you if you are dead. Besides, you are worth it!

Hugs and enjoy,
Kari x

Sandie Grisé said...

Reading your blog reminds me of the things I've not done for myself these last few months, daily walking one of them. Now if I were your neighbor I'd be out there walking with you!