Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday Sunday...

Where did that weekend go?

We have had a lovely weekend, Titch got a certificate and rosette and doggy class:) I must admit to tearing up, I really didn't expect it. She has come on so well in the past seven weeks.
We have been moved up a class now, it am really proud of her.

Eating wise, not been too bad, not been really good either:( Though I am feeling more motivated now. I think I am getting there as far as food is concerned. This week I am going to keep an improved record of what I eat daily. It will be a pain in the posterior but I reckon it is what I need to do.

I am concerned about the exercise as my back is showing little improvement and part of me wants to work through the pain. I am afraid of doing more harm than good though.

I have lost one and a half pounds this week, which is the most I have lost in a week in this present regime. So I must be doing something right. I am very pleased but would love a two or three pounds result at sometime.

So as another week beckons, I look forward to:

1. Going for walks with Titch on my own, for the first time in ages.
2. Baking a healthy spinach and ricotta strudel.
3. Making more soup.
4. Starting a healthy skin programme.
5. Spending less time on my laptop.


Fat[free]Me said...

Woo-hoo - you have lost over a half a stone in total - that's great! 1.5lbs this week is not bad considering you have a sore back. Personally, I am always scared of hurting my back as I know it is at least 6 weeks recovery, so would not work through that sort of pain at all. I have worked through some pain (like the sciatica), especially the sort that I have had a long time, but not back pain it is too debilitating.

Oooh, the strudel and the healthy skin programme sound interesting!

And well done Titch!

SheSassySlimSexy@Sixty said...

LoL thank you hunny xxx

Fat[free]Me said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - you are an angel. How is your back doing now?

SheSassySlimSexy@Sixty said...

No I am just me:)

My back is good at the moment..(she says clutching a chunck of wood)