Thursday, 28 October 2010

What Day Is It?

Is it Wednesday?

Both Ralph and I have lost track of the days, he had to check his phone tonight to find out what day it is!!

Tonight we are in a very beautiful B&B in Enfield New Hampshire, the owner's Kathy and Joe are wonderful, the house is stunning and our room divine, the bed is HUGE!!!!!!
Photo's will follow.

Our last night in North Conway was very nice, until I lay down on the bed and saw that the ceiling was swarming with ladybirds/ladybugs!!  I jumped out of my skin, Ralph went down to reception and they sent someone up to our room with a vacuum cleaner!! Seems it is a regular occurrence if the weather gets warm?? Even the chambermaid this morning said she had them in her house...yuck yuck yuck!!!

Needless to say we left as soon as we could. On our way here to Enfield (in the rain may I add) we called into an AMAZING shop called Kokopelli and spent a few bob!!  Ralph had said before we came on holiday that he would like to get a pair of cowboy boots and a leather waistcoat (Vest) guess what? he got them today plus a stetson, oh he looks good in a steston..mmmm. We had the best shopping experience at Kokopelli, the staff were wonderful. I got a couple of things too, but that is another post in it's self;)

We had lots of rain today, but we cannot complain, the colours of the leaves were even more intense, as though the rain had washed the dust off of them. I was on the lookout for a rainbow as the light was just right for one, but I didn't get lucky.  Though Kathy said she saw a very vivid one on her way home from shopping, she was further south than us.

One of the really sad things we have noticed driving through New England, is the number of vacant, abandoned houses there are.  The economic crisis is plain to see in all three of the states we have visited.
We came through some very rundown area's today, reminiscent of gypsy sites at home.  Watching tv and all the political adverts you can see there is a big divide in this country and Mr Obama is not very popular. It will be interesting to see the results of the mid term elections. That is another thing, the negative propaganda that is put out here, it is not allowed in the UK, it is an eye opener to say the least.

Anyway, enough of that, I will end tonight  just saying we had a delicious meal in an Italian restaurant called "The Three Tomato's".  The atmosphere was great, the service superb and the food....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I refuse to get on the scales when we get home...lah.lah.lah.lah.lah.lah....


Anne H said...
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Anne H said...

Sh*t d*mn h*ll
we say it all here -
Even more in Texas!
Soooo glad you are having a good time!
Enjoy every bite and kick the effing scales to the curb!
Sorry about the "delete" - I just cleaned it up a bit!

Marie said...

It all sounds wonderful Sheilagh. When I lived in Canada we often travelled through Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Maine often looked poverty stricken, as did New Hampshire. I think it's always been that way.

accidental carer said...

North Conway- you are so near to me and yet so far. What a variety of experiences you are having and I can feel some serious scrapping coming on.
No shortage of material for July 2011 I guess..

I am having 4 days off to do dissertation stuff. Got a timetable which I must stick to . Off to Rhiwafallen for Garys birthday on Sunday (with Angela!!!) heh ho nothing is absolutely perfect. Love you both and watching your every move xxx

Tammy said...

Glad you're having such a fabulous time...and I had to laugh out loud over you getting freaked out over some ladybugs, lol....and yeah, I'd probably avoid that scale for a week or two after you get home, lol.