Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday so it Must be Boston?

Well here I am snuggled up in this huge bed at 6am Friday morning, my husband snoring at my side...ahhh bliss.  today we leave this delightfully, delicious, darling house. Kathy and Joe are really lovely folk and made us feel so at home. Joe has got the same coughing lurghy as me and Ralph wasn't too good yesterday either.

We went to Vermont yesterday, again we had a lovely time despite me coughing and Ralph starting with a cold. We went to Quechee and visited Simon Pearce, a wonderful glass blowing studio. Ralph took some photo's but didn't download them due to feeling rough, but I will post some as soon as I can. We then went to Quechee Gorge, I didn't go down as my chest was rattling good style, but I encouraged Ralph to go, I am looking forward to those photo's too. Then we had lunch in a diner where the soft drinks were served in jam jars!!

Then we drove through Hanover, a very pretty but busy town.  The traffic was horrendous and we couldn't find anywhere to park, so didn't stop:(  when we got back to the B&B Ralph had a nap and I had a chat with Kathy. We discussed, kitchens, schools,daughter's, grandchildren, she is a brand new grandma to Mickey age 6 weeks. Respect, Sunday school, cooking and several other subjects, so it was a good old blether as they say in Scotland.

We packed up our case last night and will be leaving here at 8am  to get to Boston, drop the bags off at the hotel and return the car by 12 noon. Then we have a day and a half in Boston before a train ride to New York. I cannot believe our two weeks in New England is drawing to a close.

Well my guy has just woken up so it is time to shower and get dressed for breakfast, then we will hit the road. Have a great weekend.

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accidental carer said...

You are so getting used to that life aren't you darling. Wonder are there any jobs going as travel writers. Now that would be great and I am sure you would need a secretary?? Hope you both feel better by New York but I am sure you have not missed out on anything so far. Selfishly looking forward to seeing you xxxxxxxxxxxx love ya xxxxxxxxxxx