Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Beautiful Boston

What can I say, that is one Fabulous City.
My feet are screaming, my hip is moaning, but we had a GREAT day.
The sun was shining all day and the sight's where wonderful.
Hopefully I will post some photo's tomorrow, but right now there is
a bed calling my name. This tourist stuff is very enjoyable but tiring.
We must have walked six or seven miles or more today. Every step was

I must just say this though, each time we asked someone for directions, they didn't speak English, they were not tourist's either:)  But almost every time we were looking at the map, someone would volunteer to help us.  There are some very handsome, helpful gentlemen living in Boston.  Tall, handsome, well spoken, well mannered, a couple sort of swoon making gentleman.  Shhh....


spunkysuzi said...

I'm so glad your enjoying your trip!

cmoursler said...

lol. I loved boston...have you seen the harbor yet? the commons is fun...go on the swan boats. You'd love that.

Marie said...

I'm so glad you are having a wonderful, if tiring time Sheilagh!! I bet they are all tickled pink with your accent!! xxoo

accidental carer said...

You little minx- stop flirting. Ralph will get his own back I am sure. Love you - following your every step. Yes it is tiring isn't it?? xx

Tammy said...

lol....you are too funny...so glad you're having a fabulous time! :)