Wednesday, 13 October 2010

All Packed Up and Rearing to Go

The suitcases are packed and locked :)
Ralph started his holiday tonight, I am in work until Friday :(
We are both ready for this holiday, it has been a long time coming.

Ralph received an invitation today, to attend an awards dinner.
It is a formal do, on November 25th, I guess I better be good
on holiday so I don't look like a barage balloon in a black sack....

Ho hum, I will just have to savour the smell coming out of Dunkin Donuts...


Ms. PJ Geek said...

WARNING: Dunkin donuts pumpkin muffin- 600 calories and they have pumpkin spice coffee ;)

Marie said...

I hope you have a fabulous Holiday Sheilagh. I can't wait to hear all about it, and I don't think a little taste of whatever it is that beckons to you will do any harm! Just take little nibbles, and leave the rest for someone else! xxoo