Friday, 29 October 2010

Beautiful Boston

Well my man did good, we got to Boston, dropped the luggage at the hotel and got the car back to the airport before 11am. We also got the money back for the car repair that we had to sort early in our trip.
They tried not to pay us, saying we hadn't paid for roadside recovery or the damage waiver. We had and when the Manager checked, they soon paid up, thankfully.

We have spent a relaxed afternoon walking around the city. Just about ready to go out to experience the city at night.  Halloween has started in earnest today and we have seen quite a few people dressed up this afternoon, so we expect to see a lot more tonight.

The train to New York is booked, the suitcases sorted, one already locked and ready for the journey home.  So the only thing to do tomorrow is relax and have fun.

Happy Halloween


cmoursler said...

Have fun! sorry someone tried to short you. Welcome to America?

accidental carer said...

Oh I so want to share New York with you. We are going to have plenty to talk about at the retreat. Well you talk and I will listen for a change!!
Off to Rhiwafallen tomorrow with Gary Kelly Phil and Angela. Next time it will be you me and our men. Love you and can't wait to hear all about your wonderful