Monday, 18 October 2010

First Full Fabulous Fall Foray....

Remember my post about "Line Drying"?
Saw some school children put this display up on the lawn in front of a church in Concord MA today:)

A life long dream came true today, when we visited Orchard House.
I read "Little Women" for the first time as a nine year old. 
I have read it often throughout my life and todaythe words jumped
 off the page and came to life in this amazing house.

There was a ten year old little girl called Erin in our tour group.  She was a beautiful little girl and I mean a little girl.  She was dressed as a child and not as a mini adult. She was so enthralled by the house and the words of the tour guide, it was such a pleasure to see her reaction to all the different aspects of the house. The tour guide was wonderful with Erin and encouraged her to lead us through the house for part of the tour.
I got so much pleasure watching this. Speaking  to her mother I commented I would have loved to have experienced Orchard House at her daughter's age. He mum smiled proudly and agreed with me. She was allowed one treat in the small shop and she choose a cross stitch kit of the house.  The pleasure on her face was magical.  So not only did I fulfill a lifetime dream today, I also experienced it through a child and so had more than double the pleasure.
Our first full day here has been wonderful, the weather could not have been better, the pleasure of Orchard House and a visit to "Absolutely Everything"   was a JOY. I could have spent a fortune, but was very good, we have to be aware of  baggage allowance so it has made me be very selective.  I bought some lovely rubber stamps. so Ralph now thinks that is my crafting fix for the, he can dream can't he?


dawne said...

I loved this post! Living through you is fun! I'm enjoying your trip!!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Oh my goodness, what fun!!

Marie said...

How wonderful Sheilagh! I would so love to be able to see that house and go through it. I loved Little Women as a child. How nice too, that you got to see it through the eyes of a child. What a gift!! xxoo

Tammy said...

lol..I'm glad you're having such a lovely time sis! :)