Thursday, 25 February 2010

Good Day..... Bad Day..... Good Food...... Bad Food......

It started off a good day, the gym at 6:45am!!
20 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes bike.
Back home, shower, breakfast, work.
Busy morning, remembering to drink water.
Lunchtime, back home, put a wash on,
grab some ham, a pear and a banana.
Oh and a yogurt too.

Back to work for PLT...
Practice Learning Time...
The boss bought cakes:o(
Half half of a chocolate eclair,
Angela had the other.

Back home, get changed, put another wash on.
Check emails and blogs, have a cup of tea.
Put a wash in drier, but another wash on.
Get a text from Clair "Your Tea is Ready!"
"Oop's I'll be there in Five" I text back.
I'm late so drive instead of walk.
I knock on the door "You are Grounded"
I am told, "Sorry" I say...The children laugh.
I am sat down to Pasta and Pizza...
Oh well, can't say no thank you,
this family are on a tight budget
and we don't waste food.
so I enjoyed the pasta and a very small
slice of pizza along with the happy banter of children
around the table.

After the meal, a cup of tea and a white chocolate cookie appear
as I sat on the big sofa that threatens to swallow you.
"You are trying to sabotage me" I say.
"No, I'm not" she says with a mischevious smile.
"You can  to relax tonight"

Because this is the first time I have had a meal
at her house for over 16 months, I did relax and
enjoyed every moment and every morsel.

Good Day Bad Day Good Food Bad Food
Back on track tomorrow....

Mood = Happy
Food  = Happy

Today I am grateful for:

Family Hugs


VRaz60 said...

Sometimes an opportunity to reconnect is worth the extra calories it takes to do so. I'd say the calories were well spent. Hope this leads to more good times spent with your daughter and grandkids.

Rettakat said...

I wanted to thank you for the feedback on my post. I think it must've touched you in the same way that Nina's post at Ornamental touched me... deep inside, and it didn't actually ADD anything new. Rather, stirred up the treasures that have been inside you all along. Kind of like waking a sleeping giant within...

I cried as I wrote parts of it. It was my heart, bare for all the world to see... and I wasn't sure if anyone would "get it".

I am so glad you did.

This journey is full of wonders and discoveries, isn't it??

spunkysuzi said...

I have to agree and say that sometimes life is about more than what you eat!

dawne said...

A freedom day - so worth it and those happy faces are worth it! Now, back to program!

Tammy said...

Yes, I agree...those calories are worth the reconnection...100x over. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the family time sis! :)

Fiona said...

Great night I think!

midlife_swimmer said...

also lets point out..... you ate half an eclair not the whole darn thing and one cookie and not 2 dozen...rock on lady!!!!!! way to actually splurge and keep in check at the same time.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think you had a phenomenal day. All that busy, busy HAD to burn up those extra calories...and only HALF an eclair! You go, girl! :D Deb

266 said...

Happy is worth so much more than counting calories. :)

anne h said...

Banana - I thought you said "Bandana!"