Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Passport Has Arrived and the Gym Was..........

My new passport arrived tonight, so now we can start planning our holidays YIPPPPEEEEEEEEE....
Ralph is on the net as I type looking at Tuscany :o)

Went to the gym tonight and was met by my Personal Trainer  Lee, he was very nice and very apologetic about yesterday. I had a 45 minute consultation with him discussing where I am now and what goals I wish to set. He was quite impressed with my knowledge about food and calories (Didn't tell him I could write the book..lol)

What he did say was I am very dehydrated and I have got to try to drink MORE THAN 3 LITRES of water a day...Heaven Help Me!!  I have been counting my cups of tea and he says no, because the caffeine in the tea caused dehydration.  Has advised me to drink Green Tea, which I have tried and didn't like.

We discussed my back and, I know that strengthing them will help my back. So he is going to design a programme for me and I have a further  appointment with him on Monday morning at 8:30 to start to put it into action.  He got me to set four goals tonight:

1. To attended the gym at least three times a week..
2. To drink 3 litres of water a day.
3. To eat more protein
4. to eat MORE snacks

Yes eat more snacks, I couldn't beleive it, I don't snack in the afternoon, but he advised a snack in the afternoon and at supper..the supper on to me mainly protein. So I need to revise my eating habits. He said small healthy snacks will keep the metabolism burning.  Like keeping a fire ticking over, throwing a small log on every couple of hours.  So I will give it a go.  He also said as you get older the metabolism slows down, so you don't get the big weigh losses you get as a younger person..I  think I already knew that, losing weight like a tortoise...

He then showed me three machines he wanted me to start with tonight, the treadmill, the bike and the cross trainer. I told him I hated the cross trainer, he said I will learn to love it...We shall see..

I then did: 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the dreaded cross trainer. all on the Cardio setting. That was very doable and I reckon I can do twice as much comfortably. So the plan is gym Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday this week, the Monday, Wednesday Friday, Sunday the following week.

Husband now looking at Kefalonia....Where next....

Mood = Positive
Food = Being Re-thought.

Today I am Grateful for:

The confidence that took me to the gym on my own!!
The laughter between mother and daughter.
My new passport;o)


dawne said...

Where next? How about Niagara, Canada, although not as exciting as Tuscany!?!

Thanks for the advice, via your trainer. I've added a snack mid-afternoon as well, and I'm going to try going high, high protein at supper!

We're going to reach goal before we meet!!!

F. McButter Pants said...

How nice....I wish I were going on holiday!

Good for you for going to the gym. Trying to up the H2O as well. Such a big girl going to the gym by yourself.

Waiting for next update as to where you will going on holiday

Laughing is the best!

266 said...

Very cool stuff on all fronts!!!

VRaz60 said...

I'm glad to hear your first meeting with the trainer went well, and that an apology was offered. That bodes well, I think. A holiday, how lovely. What fun you'll have. I'm working on increasing my water intake, as well. I've fallen short in the past month or so. It is not as easy as it sounds. :)

P.S. Wendy's is much, much better than McDee's, in my opinion. The burgers are larger (sadly), juicier, have real onion slices and lettuce and real tomatoes on them. However, if memory serves, I like McDee's fries better. Luckily, I don't do this drive thru thing too often, so you are right when you say enjoy it and get over it. :)

spunkysuzi said...

Wow if i drank more than 3L i'd have to live in my bathroom!!
I was snacking more but i found it started making me want to binge!
Can't wait to hear about the things you learn with your trainer.

Tammy said...

So excited that you got to meet with the trainer!! Sounds like you did some great work on the machines, too! It gets very addictive. :) Can't wait to hear about where you're going on holiday!

cmoursler said...

nice, I like how sure your trainer is...sounds like a strong minded person.
Have fun on holiday.

accidental carer said...

3 litres and a portable loo in your bag!!! xxx

Brenda said...

Sounds like you got a great trainer! UGH, drinking more water...I hear ya, I feel like a fish sometimes trying to get my water in!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Tuscany sounds great!

It's a myth that tea and coffee don't count as fluid intake. They are 99.9999% water so they DO count. Drinking more than is comfortable is not advisable. In fact it can be very dangerous and put a big strain on the kidneys.

For tea, have you tried 11 o'clock tea (redbush tea)? Tastes almost as good as normal tea and doesn't have any caffeine.

Bearfriend xx