Thursday, 11 February 2010

My Walk

These are views of the Victorian Water Tower that dominates the skyline in my local area.  I am quite fond of the view that I have become acustomed to over the 32 years I have lived here in Runcorn.  This tower and Runcorn Bridge are favourite views of mine.

I had a glorious walk yesterday just under five miles and I enjoyed every step. The blue sky and the sunshine lifted my spirits greatly. I did a lot of thinking, praying and planning and when I got home I was elated.

Each of these photo's are taken from four different places each a mile apart from the next. I walked around a very large circle, up hill and down dale and I didn't have to stop once.  It used to kill me to walk up hill and I would be gasping for my breath.  Now I am comfortable walking at a fairly fast pace, breathing steadily and I am loving it. 

After my mind flip at the weekend and subsequent visit to the doctor, I did have a lot to think about and as I am now learning to talk to God during my daily life, the conversation we had yesterday has encouraged me on many fronts  He has given me the strength to voice some fears in work and my boss has been very understanding and set about finding answers for me. 

I am finding it easier to voice my thoughts and feeling now and it is such a surprise to me.  I have never had enough self belief throughout my life, but it is slowly coming now, better late than never I guess.

I am still not eating right, it is getting better, but I still have no appetite and it is not a good feeling. I slept a lot better last night, so I am hoping this means the HRT is kicking in.

My mood is hopeful.
I hope to be back in the groove soon.
Taking it slow and easy
but I am feeling positive.

Thank you for your kindness.


Sam said...

Sounds like a lovely walk and an excellent time to come to terms with yourself and life in general. Hope you're back to normal soon.

Fiona said...

I just read your last few posts. Bravo for going back on HRT! And what lovely sights along your walk!

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing these photos of your walk. Such a beautiful and peaceful looking route.
I find walking to be the best therapy and spiritually uplifting experience all in one package. Sounds as if it is much the same for you. Best of luck on your continued journey to inner peace. Don't stress too much about the better eating, it too will fall into place.

dawne said...

I pray the HRT starts to kick in. I'm so glad that you're getting more sleep and hopefully you'll be able to eat properly and enough! I have a good feeling about this Sheilagh! Love the English.

cmoursler said...

I love your photos, what a beautiful place to live. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

Julia Dunnit said...

Brim full of admiration Sheilagh, youdidn't give up and now the wrinkles are starting to smooth, however much of a cliche - keep going - you're worth it.

Tammy said...

Good Lord woman..5 miles and you're feeling great??? I'm jealous! lol My last hike a few weeks ago was 5.67 miles and I was seriously questioning if I could stay upright long enough to get back to the car. Everything was hurting!! What great shape you're in Sheilagh, that is just fantastic! :)

Accidental carer said...

One step at a time and it will all fall into place- listen to what you keep telling me my dear!!!
Can't wait for next week for your massive healing hugs. All your blog friends must envy me so much being your bestest friend!!!
It's the best place to be xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Wonderful photos from your walk! Amazing that you can see it throughout so much of your walk. The Victorians really knew how to build for impact!

I'm glad you're feeling better bit by bit on every level. Increased confidence at any point in your life is a great bonus and makes such a difference. I hope my confidence returns!

Bearfriend xx