Friday, 12 February 2010

Looking For Scrapbooking Stuff URGENTLY

This is a call for help on a different topic from my usual.

I am a scrapbooker and I have hundreds of sheets of gorgeous papers, but none of what I am desperately looking for now.

Does anyone know of any papers, embellishments etc to do with medicine?
I am putting together a gift album for one of the doctors I work for. He is retiring next month so my time scale is pretty small.  I have been looking on line but not found anything as yet. So any leads would be most graciously received.

Thank you in advance;o)


Brenda said...

oh wow that is a tuffy...I'm going to my local scrapbook store this weekend and the owners go to craft/scrapbook shows all over so I will ask them too.
I love the idea of giving a scrapbook for his retirement gift! Would love to see the finished scrapbook when you are done :)
Have a great weekend!

Sam said...

Sorry, I can't think of any stash off hand. I wonder if there is anything suitable on any of the Cricut carts? I'll ask some fellow retailers.

Sam said...

Sheilagh - Karen Foster has something that may be ok. Scroll down the page for this link to aches & breaks, medical records & more.

Alternatively, you could always make your own background paper by sticking plasters onto Bazzill (only down side of this would be it not being A&L free).

Sam said...

Here's another link with a set of sticker/toppers that may be suitable:

Kathleen said...

I have no idea, sorry. I did want to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. All in good time. I love the photos you took of the tower by your house. We have nothing as old and beautiful as that where I live, but I think I will take some photos of my area, and post them. Hope you find the embellishments you are looking for . Hugs, Kathleen

dawne said...

I've seen and bought a ton of medical stickers...Karen Foster, Me and My Big Ideas, Joliee Stickers...all have some medical stickers, but papers, I have never seen and can't find on line. Good luck! I'd love to scrap with ya someday!

266 said...

I can't vouch for the site, but try:

Also, don't forget you can look for pics online, print them off, and use that as well as any forms from the hospital or maybe a piece from his perscription pad as momentos.

Sam said...

You can find some here too: