Friday, 5 February 2010

Look What I Got!! Look What I Got!!

I am totally gobsmacked and honoured both at the same time to have received
this most coverted award from

I have seen it being given to fantastic bloggers as they have reach amazing milestones.
Now I have been awarded one and I am thrilled to say the least.
I have been slogging away for a long while now, I am a bit like a tortoise...slow....slow..slowly
getting to where I wish to be and now I see I am more than half way and it has give me such a boost.

I have been eating differently this week, hoping to boost my weight loss and a sneak preview on the scales has got me hopeful. I have cut down on carbs and increased protein and lots of veggies.
I have finally got out walking again last night and boy did it feel good. Also been working out with the Wii.
Long may it continue.

This afternoon the weather has been wonderfully Springlike and it has lifted my spirits and that of my workmates and patients.  A little bit of sunshine and blue sky is such a tonic, it would be lovely if it continued over the weekend but the forcast is for cloudy but dry, ah well maybe this is the beginning of a seasonal improvement leading to pretty and sunny Springtime.

Talking of Spring, we are having a Spring clean in the kitchen tomorrow.  The shelves we bought on Monday from IKEA will be put up and yet again we will try to adapt the space. A long walk in the afternoon weather permitting. Then my gorgeous grandson Ollie is coming to sleep over.  So it will be an Pizza andXBox night for the "boys", as for me I will chill with a book and my Ipod after a delicious omlette.

Mood = Positive
Food =Positive

Today I am thankful for:

Spring Sunshine, it is such a tonic
Being appreciated in work by my boss, workmates and patients
The encouragement and enthusiasm of fabulous Blogfriends


Accidental carer said...

You deserve all the awards you get darlin and really glad you feel appreciated too.
Have a good reorganise tomorrow -I am doing my craft room yet again (that's if Gary arrives!!!)
So looking forward to seeing you love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. Congrats on your award! Yes the weather was lovely today, until about 2.30 when it started to become overcast and then the rain followed. Never mind!

Have a great weekend!

Bearfriend xx

Brenda said...

Congrats on your award!! We had spring like weather last week so I got out as much as possible to enjoy it. Tonight we are getting the tail of that nasty storm moving across the eastern states.
I am doing the same as you as far as carbs/protien/veggies. I have been craving fruit like crazy (at least it isn't chocolate!) so I am anxious to see if it will make a difference or not.
Have a great weekend!!

266 said...

You deserve it, Sheilagh. Hugs!

dawne said...

Congrats on your well deserved award sweet Sheilagh! I'm so happy that you're in groove that's working for you! I wish it was looking like Spring here...

spunkysuzi said...

Congratulations!! "hugs" you so deserve it ;)

Anonymous said...

congrats! well deserved!

I have a new url:

Tina xx said...

Congrats on the blog award Sheilagh, you really deserve it. I for one admire the way you tackle this journey, and life in general. Well done on your achievements so far, and I have every confidence that you will achieve a lot more in the future x x