Thursday, 8 October 2009

We Are Back Early From Cornwall

We are back three days early, two reasons:

1 We had a call from Ralph's sister rang last night top tell him his lovely mum is in hospital.  She had a blood test because she was feeling very tired. The consequence being she was admitted to hospital urgently with a very low blood count.  Overnight she was given three units of blood and she was having a gastropscopy this afternoon.  We are playing it by ear and when we hear from Heather we will decided on when to go up. At least being back home here we are much closer to her and we feel better about that.

2. The rain never stopped in Cornwall from Sunday evening. 
We had a lovely time but not the holiday we planned. We walked about 15 miles is 5 days that  is less than a third of what I had hoped for. Healthy eating was at around 45%.

We visited some delightful places which would be absolutely fantastic if the weather was kind to us.
We went to the Eden Project yesterday and even thought the rain was torrential it was a brilliant experience and we will definately be going back.

On the way back from Eden we talked about cutting the holiday short and the3n getting the call from Heather decided it for us, so we left  Truro at 5 o'clock this morning and drove home in a spectacular sunrise and a fabulous bright Autumn day...Sod's Law I think.

I will be putting some photo's of the Naughty but Very Nice Food I had while away on my food blog  All I will say about my diet while we we away is I am glad I am not getting weighed until next Wednesday.  No excuses, I compensated with food and I need to get back on track FAST!!!


Tina xx said...

Hope everything goes ok at the hospital and sorry to hear that you had your holiday cut short. Blooming weather in this country, you can never guarantee it can you?
Anyway, good luck with getting back on track, Im sure you will be fine for next Wednesday x

Fat[free]Me said...

It is a real shame about your holiday, I know how much you were looking forward to it.

Hope Ralph's mum picks up after her treatment, poor thing.

I shall not look at the yummy food pictures! Oh, OK, maybe a quick peek!

Tammy said...

So sorry things were cut short and about the rain, but I can't say I'm sorry that you're back! I'm keeping your family in my prayers Sheilagh. Missed you! :)