Tuesday, 20 October 2009

And the Nominee's Are....(Drum Roll Maestro Please)

My nominations for the Gorgeous Blog Award are here in no particular order as they say on  TV.

They are people who for me are the epitome of love and kindness. 
They each have their own struggles, not just with weight.
They do it with grace, with love and with humour.
They are all caring and supportive of friends they have never met and probably never will.

There is one exception and that is my best friend Trish.  She doesn't blog about her weight.
She blogs about life as the wife and carer of a brain-injured husband.
You may feel uncomfortable about reading about the life she has.
That is fine, she has a good support system around her of loving caring friendsand family.
What makes Trish special is she is so loving, caring and giving to those friends.
She is my rock and has been with me through my bad times and supported me
every step of the way, so please believe me it is not favouritism giving her an award.
She is gorgeous and she deserves it.

The other nominee's are:

Karen @
Tina @
Trish @
Zaa @
Dawne @
Suzi @

I could have given this award out three fold:)

In fact I need to produce one of my own to give away, erm..where do I start...


VRaz60 said...

Congrats, once again!! I have often thought of creating my own blogger's award, but am too inept at anything techical on the computer I've abandoned the idea. You certainly deserve all the honors you can garner. You are a wonderful friend/blogger. Many of us feel as tho' we've known you for quite some time in "real" life....I know I do.

Tina xx said...

Oh Sheilagh, thank you so much for my lovely blog award. I feel honoured and touched to receive it, and it has made me all happy and tearful all at the same time... thank you.
You too are a kind, caring, sensitive person, of which Im glad to be in touch with on here. and I love reading your blog. The comments that you write on my blog help to raise me up when Im feeling down, and spur me on when Im not feeling strong, and for that I thank you.
I look forward to placing my lovely blog award on my blog, and will forward it on tomorrow. Once again hunnie....thank you and millions of (((hugs))) ...x x x x x

Fat[free]Me said...

Yay! Great choices - all very well deserved!

*fitcetera* said...

Oh Sheilagh! Thank YOU!
You are one of the most sincere, warm hearted and fabulous bloggers I've ever met.
You can't know how much this award means to me coming from you!
I'm honored and will wear it proudly on my blog!
HUGS HUGS and More HUGs!!

dawne said...

You sweet, sweet thing! Thank you. It made my day. I'm not too swift, so I have to spend time figuring out how I copy it and get it on my site. I have no idea how to link your site to mine either in acknowledging you. Have a great evening!!!

spunkysuzi said...

Oh thank you, you are such a sweetheart. I just got home from work and opened my computer and found this :) You just made my night!

Accidental carer said...

Thanks darlin . You know what this means to me.Couldn't be me without you though!! Love you loads.xxx
What do I do now?? NEVER had an award before !!