Friday, 23 October 2009


I was feeling pretty stressed out last night after a rather bad day.
Between family and work problems and  other matters
I was at screaming point when I got home.
Last nightI wrote about the perfume from my flowers
 and concerntrating on that
rather than the comfort food I usually grab on days like this.

During the day I speak to my husband by phone at least four times during the day. So he can gauge my mood, he reads me very well.  He is the one person I cannot hide from.  No brave face, or over-bright voice will get past him. When we spoke at around 5:30pm I said I could kill for a Mars Bar.
When he got home at 8:50pm he gave me a huge hug and a Mars Bar.
I was delighted he wanted to give me what he thought I needed. 
But guess what ?I didn't eat it, the photo above was taken at 5:30am,
twelve hours after my saying I could kill for one. 
I am still feeling rather stressed, but I am proud to say:
I am NOT resorting to food.
I am NOT giving in. 
I am NOT going back to old habits.

I am focussing on the future and I have a great month ahead.

This weekend I have my Two J's for some scrapbooking on Saturday.

Going to Liverpool on Sunday if the weather is fair to see
HMS Illustrious,  Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier.
She is in port for six days and it is giving me a great buzz that to see Liverpool
is claiming back some of her heritage as a major seaport.

Next weekend the Delightful, Diminutive Diva Kari (Fat[free]Me)
is coming to stay. I am so excited about her coming down here.

The following weekend my Darling eldest grandgrandchild Matthew
 is 18 so it is a party weekend down in Hampshire.

The weekend after that is Crab Apple Craft Retreat
So that is three Wonderful Days with my Bezzy Mate.

Then the following weekend we are up to Bonnie Scotland
to see mum-in-law who is doing pretty good at the moment:)
Also of course to see the beautiful Finn who is already four weeks old!!

So with all that to look forward to I am feeling better already.

I wrote this post at 6am this morning but Blooger decided to play up.
It is now 12.30pm and i have had another stressful morning at work and that
Mars Bar is taunting me... I am igoring it...I am ignoring it....

I AM IgnOring IT!!!


Fat[free]Me said...

Step away from the Mars Bar, lol!

Seriously, WELL DONE YOU on not scarfing it down last night. I am not sure I could have been so good!

Now, go give that evil choc bar to some skinny arsed person who can take it.

VRaz60 said...

Keep the Mars Bar Wrapper as a symbol, then let the thing melt into a pile of icky, sticy goo and toss it. You'll still have the lovely reminder of Ralph's geneousity, but not the temptation to nibble at it. :)

You've got yourself quite the schedule, don't you? It sounds like wonderful fun. Enjoy!!!

Accidental carer said...

I would put it in your melt pot; emboss it and make a brooch out of it; a lasting reminder. Don't forget what I told you about the army boots and naked!!!! It really works; love you ; looking forward to one of the dates above xxx
If I can get our colours done before Christmas would that be nice? A VERY early pressy for your 60th??
Let me know those dates- 5th and 6th ok for me now. Don't want you to have any gaps in your calendar!!!!! xxxx

*fitcetera* said...

Throw it away!!!!
That's such progress NOT resorting to old habits. Good on YOU, Sheilagh!
Kari is coming? That'll be fun!

spunkysuzi said...

I. am. so. proud. of. you!!