Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Gorgeous Blog Award No:2

Well what can I say, another lovely surprise, thank you Tina.

Tina is a lovely girl, getting littler by the day with a big heart.
She is looking pretty glamourous these days, go check her out.

So now I have to nominate and link to seven favourite blogs....

My Magnificent Seven

Now I have to tell you Six ?Interesting? Facts About Me.

1. I was born in Liverpool. The city with two cathederals, two famous football teams and the home of the Beatles. Also much much more but I'm not wanting to bore you;)

2. I love Lighthouses and one of my dream holidays would be to do a tour of the Lighthouses of the  Eastern SeaBoard of The USA.

3. I love Poppies.

4. I have an addictive nature, as a Piscean it is a trait. I am addicted to:
`   babies laughter, my husbands kisses, my grandaughter's giggles (all four of them)
    my best friends hugs.  Also, paper, card ink,rubber stamps,ribbons, buttons, embellishments,scrapbooks.
    Notice there is no food or drink in my list:)  

5. Rainbows have special meaning for me, my mother passed away while I was on holiday in
Tighnabruich in  Scotland. After I had heard of her passing I went for a walk down by the loch.  It was a beautiful suuny day and suddenly there was a shower of rain.  It past very quickly and out came a beautiful rainbow across the water from me.  I took it as a sign from my mam that all was well.  Since then when ever I have been stressed or worried about anything, more often than not a rainbow appears.

6. I collect candles.

My eating is so on track I am impressing myself. Wish I could say the same about exercise. My back is very fragile at the moment and not letting me do more than walking, it is Very Frustrating.


Tammy said...

I love your list...I got chills and a tear in my eye when I read about your dear mother and the rainbow. I shall never look at another rainbow quite the same...thank you for that. :)

And thank you so much for the award!! I've been wanting one of these!!! Very exciting...and glad to hear your eating is spot on. I know about being frustrated with the exercise....I had a problem with my right knee for a week and a half, and now I've caught a cold!! Grrrr!!! I'm hoping that I can start back to the gym by this Friday, right after my weigh-in, and have 7 glorious days of great eating and exercise....what a weigh-in that would be!! :)

big_mummy said...

aww i love that about the rainbows. after my friend died i kept seeing a little robin bird and quite often i will see them when i think of him... i love it

spunkysuzi said...

"hugs" on the back! Good for you on keeping the eating clean :)
I was born in Bournemouth a fellow limey here.
Thank you so much for the award i truly do appreciate it.

--cara said...

Why thank you Sheilagh!! I'm honored to be on your top 7 list! Thank you!

Here's an interesting fact about me... My ancestors are from Cheshire. :) Maybe about 10 generations back. So hey, we're almost neighbors, right? :D

I don't visit your blog very often, heck I don't visit my own blog very often (both of these things I'm working on). So I haven't been keeping up on your progress lately. Looks like you're doing great, though. Keep it up!

Tina xx said...

Your more than welcome Sheilagh , and thank you for your lovely comment above x

I can really associate with the rainbow. When my Dad died 4 years ago, my girls were younger then and drew a picture of rainbows and when I went to say my last goodbye to dad at the chapel of rest, I popped the pictures in the coffin beside him. On the day of the funeral, it was bright and sunny, and just as the last people were leaving the wake, an enormous rainbow was in the sky .... the strange thing is, there was no rain, cloud but no rain.... we were all gobsmacked. I will never forget that rainbow, it was like a message to say Dad was at peace at last, and whenever I see them now, I think of my Dad x

Accidental carer said...

Rainbows and butterflies- signs from God that all is well no matter what xx

Fat[free]Me said...

Thanks She, rainbows are a symbol of hope.

Love your list!

Amy said...

Ahh, thanks for the award. I am honored! Great list too. I always loved rainbows anyway, but shall never think of them quite the same again. What a beautiful sentiment, and thanks for sharing it.

I understand your frustration on the seemingly slow and plodding feeling of your progress. It's so hard to not get that "I want it all and I want it now" feeling. You're doing great, you truly are. Slow, steady, and sensible is the way to go.

The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

Thanks so much for the Gorgeous Blog award--I really appreciate it! :-D

That’s truly a lovely story about your mother.