Friday, 9 October 2009

In The Doldrums

Since getting back yesterday I have been catching up on so many blogs.
I still haven't caught up on all of them. 
There seems to be a similar thread running through many blogs this week.
A lot of us are in the doldrums, we have no wind  in our sails.

Is this the reason so many diets and healthy eating plans fail? 
Why does it happen?
Is it down to our metabolism?
Is it the season?
I could ask question after question as to why?
How does one keep the momentum going?

I have written before about the changing of the seasons being a worry to me, I find it easier to watch what I am eating in the summer.  As we enter Autumn (my favourite season) food matters are difficult.  For me Autumn going into winter means pies, stews and casseroles, served with potatoes and root vegetables .
Steamed puddings and milk puddings.  Yes I know these meals can be adapted to low calorie versions but they don't taste the same do they?

I am trying to self motivate myself by reading other blogs, believe me there are some really FABULOUS inspiring stories out there. Today I have read about mid-goal rewards,  re-focussing, changing plans. One posting  that really struck a chord with me was from "266" about a diet/healthy eating plan being like a relationship.

She is so right, in a new relationship you nurture and cosset, encourage and praise, love and honour.  When the honeymoon is over, these slip, the love and caring is still there but is reaches a comfort level and the energy levels go down.  So what can we do?

Loving ourselves is the key, treat ourselves as we would a partner or a child if they were having a bad time.
Be gentle.
Be kind.
Be loving.


Tina xx said...

What a great post Sheilagh. I couldnt agree with you more. Well put. Im just beginning to put myself first for a change, and it feels good !x

266 said...

Thank you for the shout out!

Welcome back, Sheilagh. I think you are a very insightful woman and this post is just one more example of the worldly understanding that you possess.

Tammy said...

I feel like I just got a great big Sheilagh hug!! Those are the best!! There is NO failing for any of us...we'll get over ourselves, lol...just gotta' keep truckin'. Keep moving, find different recipes, get out and enjoy the weather...fall festivals and the like...we're all going to be just fine...and thank God for Sheilagh hugs! :)

Fat[free]Me said...

I must say, I have been struggling this week as well. I think it is the change in seasons, my natural reaction to the cooler weather seems to be to want to put fat down, lol!

Plus, I love the food of this season, all the apple pies, harvest fruits and tasty vegetabls, plus we are now thinking ahead to Christmas - argh!

Still, it isn't going to derail me, OK, so I may get a bit slower, but I will darn well carry on.

I have a feeling you will be as well!

Anonymous said...

The light here is changing, and I think it affects me more than I'd like to admit. I take more vitamin D to counteract it. Scotland is quite a bit further to the north than Denver, so I'm guessing your light changes are even more extreme. Do you think this affects your mood at all?

*fitcetera* said...

Oh Sheilagh I love this post! Welcome Home! <3

I'm the opposite ... Autumn is when I catch my second wind and there is no stopping me! :D
I wake up and feel refreshed in the fall. I don't know why ... I'm an August baby so maybe I feel an old sense of renewal from my birth. I was new to the world around this season ... maybe that's it. I get a sense of beginning again or something.
Who knows.
Now get yer arse in gear, Woman!!! I'll not stand by and let you slip up!