Friday, 2 October 2009

Bags Are Packed.

Our bags are packed and we are all set for an early start tomorrow. So it is Cornwall here we come..
I am really looking forward to this holiday and it doesn't matter if we have fair weather or foul. 
As long as I have my darling by my side I will have a great time.

Last night's "Curry Night" was Excellent!
The food was fabulous, the wine was wonderful, the friends were fantastic.
 The craich was superb, the laughter was rib achingly crazy.

Thank you for all the lovely comments and encouragement after my last couple of posts,
they mean a great deal to me. There are some really special people out there in Blogland and
I feel I have some lovely friends out there now:0)

This coming week I hope to put in a lot of walking averaging 7-10 miles a day.
I hope to have a healthy attitude towards food but also enjoy being on holiday.
I am taking my laptop with me, for downloading photo's.Not sure about internet access at the house, so I may be posting, maybe not.

So I wish you all a great week: Be happy, Be healthy and be YOU.


dawne said...

Have a great holiday and enjoy those walks!! Eat well because you are worth it.

Tammy said...

Missing you already....couldn't you have thrown me in the trunk and taken me with you???? lol :) Have a lovely, lovely holiday my dear friend. :)

Amy said...

Have a wonderful holiday!! Can't wait to hear all about it upon your return!!