Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Oh £$%$^%&^&&!!!!

Well I know I had a gain, but what a gain, I don't do things by half...


I am in shock, I had thought four or five pounds but no...


As I was typing thes words, the wonderful Severiano Ballasterios was on th BBC news talking about entering and winning the Open next year at St Andrews. This man is amazing, I have always been a fan, such a gorgeously handsome man and amazing golfer. He has battled with brain tumours this past two years. Now he is looking to the future, back to winning. 

Surely if he can do battle with cancer with such a positive attitude, I can deal with shedding a measily 44 pounds.

So no more misery posting, if you get even a hint of negativity from me, give me a kick up the bum!!

Positivity is what I need and Seve will be my inspiration.

So here I go again:


Wednesday 14.10.09     215:8lbs

Going Down, Down, Down, Down


Fat[free]Me said...

AAAARGH!! I am sure it is impossible to gain so much in a week, so am certain it will all come off again very quickly.

Funny you use Steve as inspiration, I often think of Jame Tomlinson whenever I feel like giving up - she never did!

I know you can do it, Sheilagh!

266 said...

It will melt off; don't stress too much about it. You are back on track now and there is no stopping you!

Amy said...

Sorry about the stress of your gain, but good for you on using this as a turning around point instead of giving in. I agree with the above two comments, it will all come off very soon!

VRaz60 said...

Good thing our "start overs" are unlimited. I'm certainly using a good number of mine. Good luck to you!!!

Accidental carer said...

Wind beneath my wings - you can do it!!! Remind yourself of the buzz on successful weigh in and compare with recent non-buzz. Which do you prefer??
Seven and a half is about what I have put back on too just by stopping trying. We can both get back there. We have a month before our retreat and we want to be able to have a couple of treats then so GO GIRL and I will be right behind you; love you loads and loads; see you Sunday xxxxxx

dawne said...

You're doing it!!! You'll get that 7 off. Just like they say about the first 10 pounds we all lose, it's mostly water. That 7 pounds is mostly water! (and maybe a few other treats??? :)

I have a friend, in her early 40's, facing Stage 4 ovarian cancer with courage and determination. Her fight has made me realize that mine pales in comparison. If she can be strong and courageous, so can I.

Keep going!!! I'm cheering you on!

Tammy said...

OH this is just what I needed to hear today...thank you!!! Oh my, not the gain...the positive attitude I mean!! lol

Girl, I gained 6 lbs last week. Unbelievable. But....this week has been spot on, so I'm looking to do the happy dance this Friday morning...I'm sure I'll be doing it with you on your next weigh-in..ONWARD!!!

F. McButter Pants said...

Oh get a fresh start EVERYDAY! There is no such thing as a last fresh start.

You'll drop those 7 lbs ina blink of an eye...don't worry.