Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday in the Shoebox

We had more sad news this morning, my eldest daughter
Jen lost her beautiful Westie in the early hours of this morning.
Banjo was fifteen and a half and had a wonderful life. 
I remember my son in law bringing him home for the first time, hidden inside his black leather jacket, a little bundle of white fluff, eight weeks old.  He was a great little dog who gave back twice fold the love he was given. It has been a sad year regarding the pets in our family, first Cally, then Ella and now Banjo. I hope they are all playing together with Henri in dog heaven:)

We have had a busy day here in the Shoebox. We have rearranged the living room and made some space.
It took from 9o'clock this morning until 4o'clock this afternoonwith a half hour break for lunch.  A lot move lifting, moving and removing but it looks good now.

I am back to work tomorrow, hopfully getting backin the groove with my eating also.I haven't been counting
calories the past few days. But all my books and notebook and pens are out and ready for
Yet Another Fresh Start
We had home made chips tonight, first I have cooked in over a year. We had chicken escalope, chips and beans and it was gorgeous.

It has been a strange week, the holiday was not what we had hoped for.Then the worry about mum and being in limbo about wether or not to go up. We would have been happier going to Scotland but we know Heather was right, mum would have been quite upset to think we had cut short the holiday to get up there. We will be going up when she has her follow up appointment. Ralph has been very quiet, not wanting to eat, wanting to be busy all day. He was wonderful when we had the call about Banjo, but then went back into his busy mode.  I have learnt that this is how he copes with and kind of stress and we just get stuff done. I am used to men hitting the bottle or worse when stressed so this is all new to me.


Amy said...

So sorry to hear about Banjo. He sounds as if he were delightful. I'm sure you are right in that they are all playing together in doggy heaven!
Good luck with the fresh start. I'm there myself on Monday morning, so I'll be thinking of you too.:-)

Tammy said...

Throwing himself into work is far better than hitting the bottle, or worse, hitting you!! Sometimes you have to be thankful for those types of things I suppose. Guys don't always want to talk about the crap that's going on with them...especially if it's negative, scary or sad. At least that's the way Dwayne thing that I have found though is that when the storm passes, they find a way of letting you know that they appreciated us being close by, available, and waiting patiently for things to recover. :)

Fat[free]Me said...

Aw, I am sorry to hear about Banjo - but what a great age he live to!

I am so glad that Ralph is managing to keep busy and that his mum is doing OK at the moment, hope the test results are all good.

How is it back in the routine again now?