Monday, 19 October 2009

Look What I Got!!

This is the Lovely Surprise I got when I checked in this evening.
I am so happy and grateful for such a  "Gorgeous Award"
I received the award from the inspiring young woman who calls herself

I really enjoy reading her blog, she is human, honest and humourous.
I think she is going to inspire a large amount of people on this journeyshe is taking.
I'm going to enjoy seeing her reach her distination.

Now I have got to figure out what I have to do now :(
Hang About..........

with many such accolades there are guidelines to follow and they are:

1. Thank the person who nominated me.
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me.

4. Name six things people might find interesting.

5. Nominate seven bloggers.

6. Post links to the bloggers I nominate
Six Interesting? ? Things You may not Know About Me
1. I am left handed, it doesn't cause me any problems. It causes problems for other people, namely my husband, he thinks I am struggling so trys to help.  Just because I may look awkward doesn't mean I am having difficulty:)
2. I like to walk barefoot indoors this often causes me pain as I am quite clumsy too.
3. I collect Notebooks, I buy them, planning to use them, but then find I cannot use them for fear of spoiling the beautiful blank pages with my terrible handwriting.  (Do you think I need a shrink?)
4. I have two different coloured eyes. One Blue, One Brown.
5. I am a Lapsed Catholic, trying to find my way back.
6. Beauty in nature, in music, in words, makes me cry.
It is getting late now and I need to get to bed, I will do my nominations tomorrow.
Today has been a good day and I can feel the power coming back.  Thank you to every one who has been so supportive and encouraging over the past week.  You are Very Special People.


Tammy said...

I love being barefoot....I cry at everything...and it is soooooooooo cool that you have 2 different colored eyes...I always knew there was something extra special about you! ;)

I got my lab results today, and it's good news! I'll be posting about it tonight! :)

Fat[free]Me said...

Congratulations on a great award - you deserve it!

Love your list - you are a very special lady.

Crossing my fingers for a great weigh-in for you tomorrow!

266 said...

Thanks for all the kind works! It's so cool that your eyes are different colours!

Tina xx said...

Well done on your award Sheilagh. You really deserve it... yes the two different colour eyes...woooo....that makes you even more special x x

Amos the Lion Heart said...

love that you have different coloured eyes! You sound like a very beautiful woman, inside and out... This award was very well deserved.