Monday, 30 August 2010

Making Friends Monday

Makin' Mondays: Back to the Basics

I have not taken part in this fun thing before, I hope I do it right:)

I like...walking beside water, it soothes me.

I don't like...bad manner's.

I love....My husband, my children and my grandchildren.

I dream of...being healthy and fit at 80.

I wonder...will I really meet  somelovely blog friends when I visit New England and New York in six weeks time.

I know...I have met my  beloved soulmate finally.

I Angelsey to join my best friend Trish yesterday and as always had a wonderful few hours of pure happiness in her company.
I have...good intentions.

I think...I'm coming out of a very bad patch into the sunshine and I know I am blessed in so many ways.
I do...try hard to get the best out of my life, I tend to procrastinate far too much
I drink...water, but not as much as I should.

I wish..oh I wish...

I am...a work in progess, the progress is slow but I am getting there.
I am not... going to let this go, I will lose the weight that is getting me down.

I need...Motivation.

I graduated...from college.
I be the person I am meant to be, the person I didn't believe I deserved to be, but now I am beginning to believe in Me.

I want...Joy in every thing I do, from the mundane to the extra special.
I sometimes...self sabotage, but I am working on self worth.
I always...fear the worst.
I can...I Will.
I the health service.

I cannot...swim.

I avoid...Confrontation.  It scares me and my self esteem hits the floor if it happens.
I will...Do my best to get healthier, fitter and slimmer.
Copied from Kenz's Blog
Friend Makin' Mondays are back, and I'm so excited to be hosting it this week. If you're no stranger to FMM then welcome back. :) If you're new and want to take part, all you have to do is copy this post and a link (with your own answers) onto your own blog then link up at the bottom of this post. After that, just take a few minutes to visit a few FMM bloggers and leave a comment or two. It's a great way to discover new and awesome blogs. Let's get to know each other, shall we?

Fingers Crossed!!


Laine said...

Bon Jour! I just signed on with FMM as well and you were right in front of my name! I see that you are in England!!!! Which is super exciting to me because I was born there and my mother's side all lives in the area of Chesham, some in south Egland and some in the north! I am with you on the healthier version of "me" and trying to make the best of this life now!!! More power to you hun! I have several blogs and one of this is my mommy, day to day life and the other is my sewing blog, and then I also have my Fat Ladies blog.. hahah :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your evening :) Cheers!

shortmama said...

I am definitely a work in progress as well...I think we all are!

Stacie said...

Oh, I despise bad manners and they seem to abound any more. Social skills should be a required school course!

dawne said...

Cool idea - I will try it next MOnday!