Monday, 30 August 2010

Bank Holiday Monday

Bank Holiday Monday, there was me thinking I had a whole extra day to share with my man..He has to work, I had not realised he has to use his annual leave to have Bank Holiday's off. He has no leave left so he has to work. So I have a long day without him at home today.

Now a few weeks ago I would have gone into a black low mood and sat on the sofa, in my dressing gown, eating crap, watching mind numbing tv. Today is going to be very different... The medication has kicked in.
I am lifted from that dark place and I am feeling mentally clearer and emotionally steadier. There are still some issues I need to deal with, but I will get there.  So today, Sheilagh is going to play...

I am going to have breakfast, then have a tidy up around the house. Then I am out in my playhouse having fun!!
Have a great day.


anne h said...

That dark place can really be hard.
Funny, my friends in real life call it being "in a shed."
I guess it comes down what you use the shed for.
Yours, for example is awesome.

I'm glad you are doing better, and I love you, back at ya!

accidental carer said...

Enjoy your play darling- don't worry about me studying hard- I will survive ha ha.
Yes I have my head down doing my dissertation
(apart from just popping over to see you now) and I am loving it. Just wish I could have got to grips earlier. Was lovely to see you yesterday and only a week before I see you both again. Am I being spoilt or what??
Love you loads and hope your play produces some treasures xx

spunkysuzi said...

Where you are now is a great place to be!! I'm so happy that the meds are kicking in for you. Have fun playing :)