Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Thirty Day's Hath September

My favourite month of the year, September hails my favourite season of the year. Autumn is a wonderful season, the light, the colour's, the smell's are all so mellow. I could talk about how much I love this time of the year for hour's, but I have not got the hour's and I do not wish to bore you anyway...

Today I am starting a Thirty Day Renewal for me, Heart, Body and Soul.
A gentle easy path back to fitness, small challenge's, fun challenge's, happy challenge's.

Eating good natural, wholesome food.
Walking thirty minutes a day.
Meditating thirty minutes a day.
Reading thirty minutes a day.
Creating thirty minutes a day.
Little bite size piece's to build up to where I was a few month's ago.
Not setting any target's, just easing in to the good stuff I deserve.


spunkysuzi said...

That's the way to do it!

Cheryl said...

I like your challenge to yourself, baby steps indeed are the best way. I think I shall try some of your challenges myself...thank you for sharing! P.S. I too love Autumn, everything is so crisp and clear, the lovely colors of the leaves and its even nice to have cool days so I can pull on a favorite sweater.

cmoursler said...

wonderful, enjoy Sheilagh.
You deserve to. And thank you for the wonderful comment on facebook. I know as a military family member, that you really understand.

anne h said...

Flowers 4U
Just because!

dawne said...

Sounds perfect Sweet Sheilagh!

Rettakat said...

"...small challenge's, fun challenge's, happy challenge's."

I love that approach. I hope you really enjoy them, and September.
PS: I just read PJ's description of her favorite season, Fall. It was glorious! Here it is, I bet you'll enjoy this:

Tammy said...

Sounds like it's going to be a beautiful September for you sis. :) Love you.