Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Cooking with Jaz

I spent a lovely afternoon with my Gorgeous Jazmine yesterday.  We had our very first "Grown up" cooking session.  We both enjoyed ourselves very much.
These are her first scones, they were delicious.

Who doesn't enjoy scraping the bowl?

                                                         Jaz's first sponge cake, looking good.

                                                                  The end product.

                                      Her cake was Fabulous, Delicious and very very light.

She is very good at reading recipe's and following instructions. I was a supervisor but no more, she took my advice and guidance to produce what I believe would be a prize winner if she had been in a competition.

Her mum and dad came for tea, she drew up menu's for the table, set the table and asked lot's of questions about what I was cooking for tea.  Sweet Chilli Chicken Stirfry with rice Noodles, she is very keen to learn and it is such fun.

After tea she brought her cake to the table and her mum and dad were gobsmacked, they couldn't believe she had cooked it.  When they tasted it they couldn't speak, it was so delicious.  I was planning on taking photo's but both the battieries from my camera died so I didn't get to catch their reaction which was a shame, it really was a picture to keep.

I think this nine year old is going to be a great cook, we are doing it again next week....Can't wait.


Tammy said...

Oh I bet you had a fabulous time!! The cake looks delish! :)

accidental carer said...

It doesn't seem like 5 mins since Julie was doing this with my Mum- happy days. Hope to be doing this with Chloe and Brooke before too long - good to see you having fun darlin xxxxxxxxxx

spunkysuzi said...

What a fantastic job she did on that cake. It looks awesome!!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

I think I sense a future Martha Stewart! :)

Anonymous said...