Thursday, 5 August 2010

Thursday Afternoon

My return to work has been nerve wracking and I very nearly came home early today, but I stuck it out. There has been some bitching and muttering's by a certain clique about me getting preferential treatment and the staff not being informed about my altered duties. The person who has been covering my shift was informed by the Practice Manager on Monday that she would be covering the late shift all week as I would be working the middle of the day on admin and scanning. In order to break back into the working enviroment gentley, but she denies all knowledge of the conversation!  I was there, part of the conversation, but she continues to deny all knowledge of what was said.  The atmosphere is not pleasant and I am so close to throwing in the towel.


spunkysuzi said...

I'm so sorry they're being bitchy!! I really don't know why people can't play well with others :) Not enough sandbox time i guess!!

accidental carer said...

They just don't deserve you.

Make whatever decision suits you and Ralph and if that is to stay until you are ready to leave then they will have to accept that. If it is to just call it quits now then they will have to accept that too.
You know you are worth better so you hold the cards; don't let them push you into making a decision you may regret.

How often have they had your support when they needed it. I could ...................... oh I really could.

Did you try the naked and army boots trick??

And have you remembered your rescue remedy???

You are worth ten of each of them so clique or not keep your chin up. Love you loads and so many other people do too. We know best not them.......................

dawne said...

I hope it works out with your co-workers. Relationships are the hardest part of life, aren't they?

I will e-mail you the link to the song!

Hang in there! xxxx

Sam said...

Sheilagh - you know my thoughts on this. You need to do what suits you.

If the idea of work is unbearable and you have to work in a difficult environment it will set you back. Listen to your inner self and do what is right for you xx