Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tuesday Evening

I have spent a very pleasant day with my man, we went for a walk this morning, the first in a long time.  It was good but I am so unfit now it is scarey. I managed 3,497 steps, which is awful, considering I was doing over 12,000 a few months ago.  I have got to step it up and get in the groove again.

We went to see "Cats and Dogs" with Jess, Jazz and Em, it was fun and just what we needed. As Ralph got his appointment through for his brain scan, this Thursday at 12:30pm.  All prayers and healing thought's sent out around then would be greatly appreciated.

We finalised our holiday plans last night and we now know where we are going!!
Three Nights in Boston MA
Two Nights in Scarborough ME
Three Nights in Bangor ME
One Night in Bethel ME
Two Nights in North Conway NH
Two Nights in Enfield NH
Two Nights in Boston MA
Four Nights in New York NY

So now we need advice and guidance on lots of things:
What type of car would be best to hire?
What is the price of fuel?
Are there any hidden gem's we should not miss, off the tourist track?
What food should we not miss?
What should we avoid?

I know of some fabulous women that I looking forward to meeting on our travels:

I would love to meet any other bloggers out there....

By the way, re: yesterday's post, I did send a letter to my daughter two days after receiving her's. I have heard nothing since....


Sam said...

Sounds like you had a good day - little steps will work wonders for you.

Glad scan appointment has come through. It goes without saying that you'll both be in my thoughts on Thursday x

cmoursler said...

I think it's somewhere around 2.80 a gallon (not sure the exchange rate.
New york and all those other places are awesome.
Do the boston commons...and the harbor in boston.
New york at night is awesome.
vermont and new hampashire are great to drive through, very beautiful and great covered bridges...don't forget the maple syrup.
Your daughter will come around.
have great fun on your vacay!

dawne said...

I'd always order one plate to share between you two! You will not believe the portion sizes in America compared to the UK, or even Canada for that matter. It really is shocking!!!!!!!!!!! Even the drinks come in huge pails, instead of glasses.

Praying about the scan.

Looking forward to meeting you too! I am having to wait until school starts in Sept. to make sure I can take days off mid-week. But, I'm going to make it work!

accidental carer said...

Thinking about you both every minute but will be waiting for word after Ralphs scan on Thursday.
Am tipytoeing through to Sunday- big milestone for me - will probably talk to you on the day
Love you loads as ever xxxx

Marie said...

Praying about the scan and the daughter situation. ((((hugs)))) Such a nice trip to look forward to. Are you going to Salem to see where the witch trials etc. were held? I hear it's worth the visit! xxoo

Buttercup said...

And Carol is waiting to see you, too! In New York -- Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ground Zero -- there is a great tour -- Times Square. Will think of more suggestions. Hugs and prayers!