Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Momentus Day

My Darling Emily is Six Today

I thank God for this Joyful Day.
She is our little miracle.

She is having a little tea party this afternoon, I will be at work:(
But I am going round  after work for big hugs and giggles.
I can't wait.


A momentus day also for the England football team.
They have been utter rubbish so far at the World Cup.
The game against Slovenia is their last chance to stay in the competition.

They need to find their passion.

Maybe wearing the Red Strip will inspire the passion

Come On England!!!


Julia Dunnit said...

Well done EMily and man many Happy Returns...this is truly a celbration for you all, happy family!
And yep, play up England!

anne h said...

In England, do they have tea parties?
So they still have real tea?
Hugs and giggles work, too!

accidental carer said...

Wish I could come over and do google eyes again for Em - give her a hug from me. Give Helen one too. Well if the England team could match the passion of their fans then they will walk it. Here's hoping.............

Marie said...

Happy Birthday to little Emily! How like her gran she is!! Beautiful! Go England!! Let's hope they can pull the rabbit out of the hat today!! xxoo

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. I hope both you and Emily have a lovely day.

Bearfriend xx

dawne said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Happy Birthday to Emily! And good luck with the World Cup :)