Sunday, 20 June 2010

Weekly Goals (Thanks Suzi)

Thank you everyone for the tips re my trip.
I am still looking for hints and more tips so please keep them coming.

I have been inspired by the Wonderful Spunky Suzi this weekend. 
She sets herself weekly goals and I think I am going to be a copy cat.

I am setting myself 5 goals for this week.

1. Do at least thirty minutes exercise each day.
2. Declutter for fifteen minutes each day.
3. Get my hair cut, it's driving me mad.
4.Drink more water, I always fall down with this one and really need to get to grips with it.
5. Start taking photo's again.

I will do a review of the week each Sunday evening and see if I can get my mojo working again.

I have had a wonderful weekend, yesterday was spent with the ever wonderful Trish and the Gorgeous Domestic Goddess Sam.  We were supposed to be scrapbooking but we just had a great day, chatting, laughing, generally putting the world to rights. Could do with  few more days like that.

Today was spent with my darling, we have had a big sort out in the bedroom, I have three big bags of clothes to go to charity and we both now have room in our wardrobes. We did not get as much done as we planned, due to an unexpected but most welcome visit from my daughter and granddaughter. We had a lovely couple of hours with them both.  Emily had all my shoes out as usual, she loves grandma's high heels.

When they left we had a delicious chicken salad and then reorganised the living room, we seem to have more space now somehow?  We have decided we need to redecorate, so guess what I am looking for this week?

We are now watching Brazil v Ivory Coast after a delicious stirfry for tea.
Tomorrow is the Longest Day and then the nights start to draw in, where is the year going?


spunkysuzi said...

Those are some great goals!! And i have no doubt that you will do them :)

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Glad you had such a lovely weekend! Those are some commendable goals :)

accidental carer said...

It was a good day wasn't it? You were like a kid in a candy shop in the "Paper room".
Wish we could do that sort of thing every weekend. Roll on July retreat. Love you xx

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Sheilagh. 3 bags of clothes to chuck out .... you must have a lot of clothes lol.

Hope you're doing well with your goals.

Bearfriend xx